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13701*** How can survive the congress in future… …

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    May 31, 2014
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      *** How
      can survive the congress in future……                  
      Lok Sabha Election Polls 2014 is always remembered for Congress terrible defeat and Mr. Narendra Modi emerged as a champion in the Indian politics. Definitely nobody can ignore the tremendous efforts of Mr. Modi in the political history. Is Mr. Modi ideal political leader or not it is another issue. I am putting the issue of his practical involvement only in here. Mr. Modi has some good qualities of the politician. We can see these qualities are “Good orator, Good commander, Good decision maker, Good planner, Good effort etc.” It means, I am not saying Mr Modi is good man. How many percentage efforts of RSS for winning BJP is a debatable issue. So, it is not that subject in here. We are worried for not seeing a powerful opposition party in the Lok Sabha House. 
      There is lot of reasons of downfall of Congress in the Lok Sabha Election 2014. Since independence, near about most of times the Congress ruled on the India. There is 66 years passed.  But it is not seen the necessary development of India and the common mass society. The Congress Political leaders misused the powers of government and they found to be rich, Institution-a-lists, Industrialists, Builders, Landowners etc. after gaining the benefits of power of government. The corruption seems to be increased in Congress Raj. There was no control on them. Congress supremo could not control on it or they did not plan to check on irregularities, corruption or not prepared welfare plan for the common mass.  They blindly followed that there is no option before the minority classes or backward society or common masses to follow them. They emotionally blackmailing to this common mass society.  The result is before us. There is no effect seen of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s influence in the coming election. Mr. Rahul Gandhi seems to be a playing an election campaign as like a University election in Lok Sabha election.  Due to lack of his political policy tactics, He could not give respectable result of numbers. These congress leaders could not answered the emotional tactics of Mr. Narendra Modi and found to be very down as compared to Mr. Modi only. Due to lack of political experiences, congress loses their rights of opposition party leadership. It is very shameful things for them in the political history.
      If these congress leaders would like to survive in future, they have to change their policies, decisions and tactics. Mh. Gandhi’s ideology can’t be survived the congress in political campaign. There is need of change of leaderships. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi should be worked as an advisor or patrons of Congress party. The national president-ship of congress should be handed over to Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi  Vadra’s hand. Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi should also work as like Mr. Narendra Modi. Because Mrs.  Priyanka have the merits as like the Mr. Narendra Modi. She is good commander, good orator, good planner, good decision maker, good replier too.  She will give fight to Mr Modi in well manner. Another issue is to change all their states chief ministers, state bodies and to appoint backward class society, minority classes, and Scheduled Caste/Tribes non-corrupt leaders.  Because these classes are the voters of the Congress and they left them due to their un-development. If the said policy will be applied, there may be chance of emerging the new Congress otherwise not. Now it is not possible for congress to come on rule for next ten years. But she can achieve a good target.One more thing, the Congress should introduce a new slogan i.e. Nationalism feelings means India-ism as a reply of BJP's Hindutva.
      The same thing is applicable for BSP supremo Ms. Mayawati. She has to change her mentality, ego and actions. If possible, they should make alliance with Congress on national level. Because AAP is her competitor and she may damage her vote bank in future. It is good decision taken by Ms. Mayawati in Maharashtra that she has appointed Dr Suresh Mane as a chief for Vidarbha region. The same policy should be followed in different states too.  RPI leaders should take lesion of politics now. They have to make their political unity for Dr. Ambedkar’s dream. Otherwise they never have seen on Indian political map. Let us watch the coming Indian politics.
      *** Dr. Milind P. Jiwane                                                       
      National Chairman                                                                                                    
      Civil Rights Protection Cell