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13700*** Article 370 and expectations from Mr. Nar endra Modi…

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    May 31, 2014
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      *** Article 370 and expectations from Mr. Narendra Modi…                                                             
                      Just Mr. Narendra Modi took charge of Prime Minister’s post and his collogues took their ministries charge too and Mr. Jitendra Singh, the MOS in PM’s office flowing an irresponsible statement in article 370 on Kashmir issue. Article 370 of Kashmir issue is very sensitive and must be handled coolly and in mature way. Even Mr. Ram Madhav of RSS spokesman issues his irresponsible statement in support on the nonsense statement of Mr. Singh. Due to this un-visionary news, the healthy atmosphere of India found to be polluted. J & K Chief Minister Mr. Omar Abdulla and opposition PDP Chief slammed Mr. Singh for his comments while the minister said he has been “misquoted.”  Mr. Singh said the kind of statements beings issued from both sides will only create “further turmoil and tension” in J & K.  One more Union Minister of Agriculture Mr. Radha Mohan Singh said there should be an open debate over Article 370 and common civil code. There is no harm in having an open debate.  What a nonsense statement of these ministers against healthy Indian policies. 
      Actually Maharaja Hari Singh had agreed to accede to India by signing the instrument of Accession in October 1947, expressed distress over the controversy and said any “steam –roller approach” to deal with the issue was not appropriate and Article 370 that guarantees special status for Jammu and Kashmir.
      The question is it necessary to discuss urgently on Article 370 just after swearing ceremony over. There are lot of public issues and problems pending in India. Poverty, Corruption, Employment, Housing, Education and Price Rising etc issues are seen in here. These political ministers are not seen very seriously on these issues. Only they floating the irresponsible burning comments and polluted the atmosphere the India for gaining the power. Due to un-developed, un-visionary, un-national mentality of Indian political leaders, we could not create a “Nationality Feelings i.e. India-ism” to our community.  In India, nobody is saying, he is Indian first and Indian last. Only a single personality of India, Dr Ambedkar said it. It is shameful for our Indians, these are living in India but they are Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims…. Or they are Maharashtri-ans, Uttar Pradeshi-ans, Tamili-ans etc. but they are not Indians. Even they are making more faith on their spiritual holy books only than the “Constitution of India.”  Actually we run our government by the constitution law.  But there is not seen faith on it. Where is seen feelings of nationality in India and our political leaders giving the statement that, they would like to make India strong and developed. How it is possible. Are they having some magic stick to develop it?
      Definitely, we must discuss on Article 370 issue. Is it necessary or not. What is the substitute to solve it? How will we create peace and better relations between J& K and other parts of India?  How can we make satisfied to J & K people? Etc. Here is no magic stick of these brainless political leaders, who are making irresponsible comments and polluted the Indian atmosphere. These leaders should be punished by the common mass.
      Neither now has Mr. Narendra Modi making commented on article 370 or giving any order or advice to stop these burning comments of their ministers. Keeping mum is also a different symbol of an own style of person.  But Mr. Modi has advised to his ministers to declare their 100 days planning programs and trying their efforts to stop this issue. It is a well planned decision of Mr. Modi.  Let us watch the PM’s future policy.
      *** Dr. Milind P. Jiwane                                                                                           
      National Chairman                                                                   Civil Rights Protection Cell