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13695*** Southern un-visionary politics and Mr. Na rendra Modi…

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    May 24, 2014
      *** Southern un-visionary politics and Mr. Narendra Modi…                                                            
                      Now Mr. Narendra Modi will start his new carrier of Prime Minister of India very soon and he met his mother Hiraben for her blessings before swearing the ceremony.  A wonderful decision has been taken by Mr. Modi to call the SAARC leaders even all the Governors and Chief Ministers of state for his ceremony.  I think this decision of Mr. Modi is very good for maintaining smooth relations with our neighbor countries and international relations. The invitation of Pakistan Prime Minister is very much wonderful and in future Mr. Modi’s international policy showing it in different action.  Even it is showing attack on RSS policies. The RSS group is not like to Pakistan. If Pakistan’s Prime Minister will accept the Modi’ invitation, it is good beginning of Mr. Modi’s regime.
                      The southern political leaders are worried for the invitation of Srilanka President and these leaders issued the press news of their opposed to Mr. Narendra Modi.  According to Tamilnadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalita, ”Srilankan president had been invited and that he had accepted it. It will be better if this move had been avoided. While the sentiments of Tamils living in India and elsewhere towards the Srilnkan Tamils were known , a change of regime at the centre in no way alters the already existing strained relations between Tamilnadu and Srilanks.” Ms. Jayalalita must know that Srilanka is not a state of India. It is a neighbor country, Your Tamilnadu state politics and policies are different. It can’t be joined with central policies. If we will not make good relation with Srilanka, Can she expect the relation as like Pakistan and their terrorist’s activities? Can she favor the late Prabhakaran’s terrorism? If yes, then you have no rights to speak against India’s terrorist’s actions or Khalistan demands or Adivasi Movement, Dalit Movement etc.
                                      After death of Mr. Prabhakaran, it is seen the peace in Srilanka. So, the war between Srilanka and Tamilians are the international issue. It is very shameful that, the southern political leaders are creating such international issue and to oppose the invitation of Srilank President. I welcomed the president of President of Srilanka , who accepted the invitation Mr. Modi’s ivitation. Now it shows that Mr Narendra Modi will run his government by his own style. RSS or any other political parties can’t create any illegal pressure on him. I think this different style of Mr. Modi will be seen effective in Indian politics.
       One more issue, I kept here which is not related with international relations but it is related with Indian oppressed movement. A beggar so called RPI leader Mr. Ramdas Athawale begging for ministry before BJP and last decade he begged the same before Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the Congress Leader.  Mr. Ramdas’s one mission is only to take charge of minister. Actually he is a brainless RPI leader who was fighting for MP seats in Raj Sabha and now ministry. He has no merit. Mr Ramdas’s such activities falling our society morals. He is not liable either politics or social movement. He is only a puppet or broker. What is the use of Mr. Ramdas for our oppressed society? I think is nil. If Mr. Modi is good politicians, don’t give more importance to Mr Ramdas or such culprits leaders.
      At last, you should work the mission “Nationalism or India-ism,” it will be very helpful for strong India.  This mission will create feelings of India-ism. This wills buildup strong India. Our motto should be give respect to our “Indian Constitution.”  You make provision by law that every people should hang the copy of preamble of Indian constitution in their home.
      *** Dr. Milind P. Jiwane                                                                                           
      National Chairman                                                                                                    
      Civil Rights Protection Cell