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13657Re: [Buddhism_101] Hello, new here!

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  • michael
    Mar 11, 2014
      And stop drinking.
      Think alot - slow yourself.  Life will happen whether you are  prepared or not.

      On Tuesday, March 11, 2014 10:11 AM, michael <cnm_divers@...> wrote:
      Dear Meg,
      None here are doctor's but we appreciate you seeking. Start by going to a Dr. you trust in your area to help you work some things.  Then invite your husband so he has an understanding of who and what created you.  He fell in love with you.  Perhaps you need to fall in love with yourself.  There is nothing incorrect about seeking a professional's help.  We do it daily for broken legs, arms, and the sort.  Do it for you.  In time you may understand it is not Buddhism you truly need or want.  You may just want yourself back.  Make the appointment and hold your chin up. 
      Think alot - slow yourself.  Life will happen whether you are  prepared or not.

      On Tuesday, March 11, 2014 9:13 AM, "meg_shepardn7@..." <meg_shepardn7@...> wrote:
      Hello, I have been a sort of practicing Buddhist for a while. I am familiar with the basics, and try to meditate, but I want to learn more. Specifically, how to deal with criticism, anger, emotional outbursts.

      I take all criticism of my opinion too personally. I am engaged and this oversensitivity is something that hs been noticed by my fiancee. Once, I physically attacked a friend over him bashing one of my favorite star wars characters. Last night I screamed at him and began crying during a discussion. I am really worried about my reaction to criticism. I take it all personally, like every opinion is an attack on me. That my husband to be has noticed a pattern is worrying me. I take every opinion as an attack, an affront.

      So I ask, what can I do as a buddhist to be more accepting, to be more open, less overly emotional, more clear minded? what kinds of mantras, meditations? I don't want my fear, my anger, my oversensitivity to destroy my relationships.

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