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  • meg_shepardn7
    Mar 10, 2014
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      Hello, I have been a sort of practicing Buddhist for a while. I am familiar with the basics, and try to meditate, but I want to learn more. Specifically, how to deal with criticism, anger, emotional outbursts.

      I take all criticism of my opinion too personally. I am engaged and this oversensitivity is something that hs been noticed by my fiancee. Once, I physically attacked a friend over him bashing one of my favorite star wars characters. Last night I screamed at him and began crying during a discussion. I am really worried about my reaction to criticism. I take it all personally, like every opinion is an attack on me. That my husband to be has noticed a pattern is worrying me. I take every opinion as an attack, an affront.

      So I ask, what can I do as a buddhist to be more accepting, to be more open, less overly emotional, more clear minded? what kinds of mantras, meditations? I don't want my fear, my anger, my oversensitivity to destroy my relationships.
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