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13636Will Capitalist- Industrialist honest-dedicat ed-devoted Parliamentarians for India’s Sup er Power & Welfare Nation ………………. .

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    Jan 25, 2014
      Will Capitalist- Industrialist honest-dedicated-devoted Parliamentarians for India’s Super Power & Welfare Nation ………………..

                      Recently the major political parties namely Congress, BJP etc parties seem to be busy in Rajya Sabha MP’s selection.  Most of them are seen to bargain internal business of selling with Capitalists-Industrialists and some names are published in the “Political Market” & media too. I am very shocked to hear the name of these Industrialists-Capitalists-Brainless Leaders etc.  Really these so called coming Political Leaders can share full time work in the Parliament. Have they a time to spend their energy for a Common Man welfare planning & development.  Definitely the answer is “NO.” Then why they are interested to join this politics ….. The answer is very simple. These Capitalists-Industrialists has donating or giving the funding to these political parties and they want to take back the said funding through the posting of MP, MLC etc…..  If these mentality businessmen will seat in there, how can common man expect clean politics from these parties. How is possible to make our nation as “Super Power, Corrupt-less, Clean –transparent etc.”
                      Yesterday second Congress Supremo Mr. Rahul Gandhi visited Sevagram, in Vidarbha. Mr. Rahul said,” India can’t be super power without empowering women & youth. Further he said, Decentralization of process of selection of candidates for Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha elections by parties to include grassroots’ level public representatives. In our party and BJP. 5-7 people decide all candidates. This is in the root of corruption. The day we include the people in the process,  50 per cent of corruption will be gone.” It is very important statement of Mr. Rahul Gandhi and he admitted the facts of their party’s involvement in corruption process. The said statement is applicable for BJP and others political parties too.  But this is the only one side. Because in MP & MLA elections, the common man is directly related with them.  As our constitution has given a power of vote to a common man and the value of their vote is the same. i.e. One man- one vote. One vote - one value.  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, father of Indian Constitution, who himself was Sociologist, Social Activist, constitutionalist, Political Analyst etc, he knows the importance of the value to the common man vote. It means, the value of President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Justice or the common man’s political vote value will be equal. What a great revolution made by Dr. Ambedkar without drop of our blood. This is the big wonderful democratic revolution seen in our constitution.
                      Regarding the said statement of Mr. Rahul, He had not made any statement about upper house. There are two upper houses in India. i.e  Rajya Sabha and Vidhan Parishad. Our nation builders are expecting the contribution of our experts, social Activists etc for the nation building.  It is why; the said house is known to be an Upper House. But our political parties have used this house for their political gain.  The appointment of MP in Rajya Sabha or MLC in Vidhan Parished is seen to be jock. There is sitting every political party’s financer or their well-wishers. These planted Parliamentarians never think planning or not giving their contribution for the welfare of common man or nation building. We saw only the bargaining of posting of these corrupt leaders. Then how is possible to make India Corrupt free, developed nation, super power nation etc.
                      Mr. Rahul Gandhi or other political parties’ leaders have to the answer of this question.  Mr. Rahul, it is not possible to take decision to give 50 per cent reservation to women and youth. Your own party leaders will not permit you.  Recently Ex Nation President of BJP Mr. Nitin Gadkari deliver his speech in city party meeting that, “UPA led Central Government and NCP-Congress led State government of Maharashtra for derailing India’s growth story and for purchasing wrong economic policies. “ I agreed with Mr. Nitin Gadkari’s view.  Already I wrote in my before article that, only Congress Raj is the pioneer of corruption in India. But tell me the social contribution Mr. Ajay Sancheti and why you recommend him in Rajya Sabha M.P. Is he really the capable to make planning for nation building? Yes, you have done some good decisions in your ministry regime. But you have done some wrong too.
                      Yesterday Hindustic  Sanmitra Sabha organized a lecture on “Hinduism is the Nationalism” at Scientific Society Hall where M.G. Vaidya, Anjali Joshi and others were participated and Dr. Muzaffar Hussain , a renowned columnist delivered his statement that, “Philosophy behind what does the concept Hindu means, will have to be understood by knowing the history and in-depth thinking. This will clarify that the words Hindu and Nationalism may be different, but have the same feeling.” Mr. Husaain, Are you mad. How can you co-related Hinduism and Nationalism with each other. Can you expect, Islamism and Nationalism, Buddhism and Nationalism, Jainism and Buddhism etc have the same feeling. Nationalism is the holy feeling. All the religions are for the human being. Religions give us the spirit of different one. It never possible to co-related with Nationalism or India-ism. Nation and Religion both are different one. If nation will suffer as slavery, you also suffer as a slave. There is no scope for religion in here. Nation always the supreme one and it is our duty to create a feeling of Nationalism or India-ism. I quote a word of Dr. Ambedkar in here for your knowledge that;” I am Indian first and Indian Last.” He never expect the feeling as like State based, Religion based, Caste based, Region based, Language based etc. Not a single leader of India has creating such a Nation spirit in Indians. Everyone is fighting in “Religion war.”
                      Yesterday newly formed Aam Adami Party (AAP) Maharashtra Chief Ms. Anjali Damania has inaugurated the Nagpur Office and appealed her party volunteers to dedicate their life as “Indians” to the party for the election. May be, she is not matured political leader.  It is good signal seen that, Hindu Organizations or AAP are thinking on Nationalism or India-ism, it may be on different forms. But one day, they will realize that, the nation is supreme one and not the religion.  We Hope for the said holy day to create the nation feeling. i.e Nationalism or India-ism.
      *** Dr. Milind Jiwane,                                 
      National Chairman  
      Civil Rights Protection cell