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13634*** AAP’s Politics of Maharashtra..! If Ban warilal Purohit, Mahadeo Shiwankar, Brig. Sud hir Sawant, Ranjeet Meshram, Chandrakant Hand ore , Ram Pandagale etc. may join, Can affect the Maharashtrian Politics……………… ..

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    Jan 19 5:57 AM
      *** AAP’s Politics of Maharashtra..! If Banwarilal Purohit, Mahadeo Shiwankar, Brig. Sudhir Sawant, Ranjeet Meshram, Chandrakant Handore , Ram Pandagale etc. may join, Can affect the Maharashtrian Politics………………..

               Now days, everywhere, we heard the discussion of Aam Adami Party (AAP). I don’t understand that, why these political leaders panic from AAP. AAP’s rule in New Delhi Assembly is wonderful emerged in Indian politics and every politicians took fear from it. Since independence, Congress is/was ruling on people as “One Man Hero” and never bothered about their welfare. Not only this, lot of loss of India’s development has been made by the Congress Raj. There is/was no powerful opposition even the constructive role has been carried out by the opposition party. Due to this cause, Congress seemed to be pioneer of corruption in India and Opposition is/was also responsible for the same. These political parties may be expressed their national work before the media and press, why not seen welfare of the oppressed, backward, tribal, poor societies. Why they living in the hut in poorer colonies. Why they wondering for getting the job. Why they purchasing the grains and needy things from Rationing shop. Why the theft offences registered in the police station. Why the prostitution business is raised. Why the women & girls are not secured. Why the child begging. Education ratio found to be down in the backward areas. Why corruption increased in every offices of India. There will be seen lot of problems in India. Why could not stop it such a problems since 66 years. Where is seen the development of the society? The development of nation will be valued on the basis of society status improvement. Yes, the rich person, industrialist, politician, higher caste society etc found to be richer and poor society found to be poorer after that getting so much facilities of the government. What a great jock of India.
              I kept another issue. i.e. Nationalism or India-ism or Nation spirit. We are ruling here since 66 years and could not create nation spirit in our society. Yes, we are creating caste spirit, religion spirit, region spirit, language spirit etc. Due to this, we are creating disturbances in India. Who are responsible for this cause? Defiantly our political leaders, rulers, religions preachers etc are responsible for this non-silence. If the said condition seen in India, then how can you say, India is developed nation or development nation. Only one personality of India, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar , father of Indian Constitution said that,” I am Indian first and Indian last.” Even he gave the national spirit speech on November 26, 1949 at “Constitution Debate House,” when he submitted the Constitution to India and other times too. Where is seen our so called nation leaders……. The question is, can we change our vision for the nation building and development.
              Out of these problems, one man emerged as a national hero named Mr. Anna Hazare fighting against corruption only. Actually Mr. Anna Hazare is not his original name. His original name is Mr. Kisan Bapat. There are so many rumors arrives about his character. I don’t like to discuss it here. Under his leadership, Mr. Arvind Kejariwal, Mrs. Kiran Bedi, Ms. Medha Patkar, Prashant Bhushan and so on activists have given their contribution at capital Delhi and other parts of India. It is great achievement seen in Indian politics that, political parties and ruling parties found to be panic. Mr. Arvind Kejariwal is the political creation of this corruption movement.
              In political issue, there seem to be differences between Mr. Anna Hazare and Mr. Kejariwal team. Actually Mr. Anna is brainless leader. He doesn’t have future development vision. He can play his role in straight way and limited issue. On the other hand Mr. Arvind Kejariwal team is intellectual team carrying with all types of characters. Mr. Anna’s team leading with activists of Mrs. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Sing etc. Mrs. Kiran Bedi & Mr. Sing found to be plus vision with BJP political party. On the other hand, Mr. Arvind’s ambition found to be much and he would like to create his own leadership. It is why; Mrs. Kiran Bedi could not tolerate this. She pressured and conveyed Mr. Anna Hazare that, not to support him and she succeed. Mr. Anna always found to be against with Mr. Arvind in Delhi assembly pol. But Mr. Arvind used the corruption issue emotion and got is success. For this, Mr. Arvind emerged as a “Political Champion” of Indian politics. This is great mistake of Mr. Anna Hazare for not giving “Blessing” to Mr. Arvind and not expecting the practical support. Otherwise, Mr. Anna will be seen “National Champion” of Indian politics in place of Mr. Arvind Kejariwal. As a result, definitely Mr. Arvind will be gain the clear majority in Delhi assembly.
              Now, Mr. Anna Hazare has a chance to correct his pre-mistake in the coming Lok- Sabha election. Only Mr. Anna has to give only his “Blessing” in favor of Mr. Arvind and not needed his practical participation. Mr. Anna’s Maharashtra followers Miss Medha Patkar, Ex MP Madhu Dandawate’s son etc rendering their support to Mr. Arvind’s AAP political party. Ms. Ajali Damonia and his collogues ‘efforts are not enough to create stronger creation in Maharashtra. There are lot of limitations arrives before them. They don’t having political culture and political strategy too. Delhi election may be won on corruption issue emotion but in Maharashtra, it is very difficult task. Delhi is very small province. But Maharashtra, it is covered with Vidharbha, Marathwada, Konkan, and Mumbai…. There seem to be different political leaders acting in these parts. So there will be needed to take the active parts of these political leaders for spreading Aam adami Part in here.
              If we think about Vidarbha, Ex MP Mr. Banwarilal Purohit (Not busy in politics), Ex MP Mr. Mahadeo Shiwankar (Not busy), Prof. Ranjit Meshram (Not busy) etc may join the AAP, they have powered to change the Vidarbha politics. If Ex MP Mr. Banwarilal may contest the election on AAP at Nagpur constituency, it is very difficult situation arrive before Mr. Nitin Gadkari (BJP) & Mr. Vilas Muttamwar (Current MP-Congress). If Prof. Ranjeet Meshram may contest election at Ramtek constituency, it is very condition create before MP Mr. Mukul Wasnik (Congress) or other Shiv Sena candidate. If Mr. Ex MP Mr. Mahadeo Shiwankar or Er. Moreshwar Meshram may contest at Bhandara constituency, it is very difficult for Mr. Prafulla Patel (MP-Rashtrawadi Congress).
              If Brig. Sudhir Sawant may join AAP, he can be influenced Marathwada and other parts. Now MLA of Mumbai Mr. Chandrakant Handore, Ram Pandagale etc leaders found to be un-happy from their parties. If AAP leaders may plan in this way and to bring them in AAP, there will be seen big miracle in Maharashtra. The said strategy should have to be applied in others parts of India. I don’t know who is making political strategy of AAP party. Now the AAP volcano found to spreading in different parts of India. There is need of spreading corruption emotional leader. For that, good teacher- planner should have to be planned to search them. One more thing, there is need of spreading Nationalism issue. National spirit may also change the phenomena of Indian politics. For that, Dr. Ambedkar, Mh. Phooley, Chh. Shahu Maharaj, Chh. Shiwaji Majharaj’s vision and ideology should be followed for creating the emotions. And remember, if you chit the Indians, you never seen more in Indian politics. Your carrier seems to be as like other parties corrupt leaders.
      *** Dr. Milind Jiwane
      National Chairman
      Civil Rights Protection cell