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13580The Nine Qualities of the Buddha - VI*

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    Sep 18, 2013

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      Continued from http://www.vihara.org.au/dhamma/dhamma_view.aspx?memoID=2469

      (6) The Incomparable Leader of men to be Tamed (Anuttaro purisadammasarathi)

           The Lord Buddha is a peerless charioteer to tame men. No one can be compared with him, and thus he is supreme. He surpasses the entire world in the attributes of morality and in the eminent characteristics of concentration, realization, deliverance, wisdom and vision of deliverance. He is equaled only by the previous Enlightened Ones. Just as an experienced elephant trainer can drive away a wild elephant, chasing him in only one direction, the Lord Buddha guides men and admonishes them of the dangers of the cycle of rebirth. The wise and the foolish, the poor and the rich, the noble and the ordinary must all be tamed and admonish in accordance with their natural tendencies and attributes. Even non-human beings, including animals, gods and spirits, who are not civilized but are fit to be tamed, were set free from the passion, were freed from defilement, and established in the three refuges and precepts of virtue, being disciplined by various rules and regulations. Moreover, he also cultured those who had already been tamed, leading them to higher levels of purification, including that of the stream-winner, once returner, non-returner and so forth.

      To be continued...

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