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  • Ken/
    Jan 14, 2013
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      You can call me Ken. ken, the owner, and I know the difference.

      Nothing actually turned me away. More laziness and loss of commitment. I live some distance from my center (Gar Drolma Choling in Dayton, OH,     http://www.gardrolma.org ). I helped in the development of the center and was very happy with what had evolved, there. It has gotten even more active and larger since I had to leave. I left because I was unable to make the drive every week. My body suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it has taken some time to find efficient drugs to relieve the pain ( it never goes away). Tai Chi, Qi Kung, and meditation have been lifesavers in many ways. I miss the center and plan to return, soon. I have retired from work, so I will have the time to rest my body before the drive. Rinpoche visits the center about once a year and I plan to be there, then.   
      I do believe that Buddhism will eventually change, in the west, as it has done everywhere else it has established itself. I won't be here, then. For now I like the use of the deities in practice, and there are several chants that I use, according to the meditation, but primarily, my meditations are a study on the emptiness of all, and that has brought me much insight and comfort. Being a working person with a small farm, on the side, my time is limited and, as I don't move very fast, very often life interferes or should I say intervenes.
      It was very auspicious that you were able to study under Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Garchen Rinpoche told me once that he had met all of his students in previous lives. That's why they were with him in this one.  His purpose in this one was as a teacher and a symbol.

      Ken M/


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      Hi Ken M/. Thank you for your welcome!
      My initial teachers were Sri Lanken and Thai Bhiksu’s. I then met Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche, purely by accident and, as a result, ended up at Samye-Ling in Scotland. He moved to America, as you know, I did too but to Berkeley California. From then on I only saw Trungpa Rimpoche twice, three times if you count his funeral, but, by then I had not spoken to him for a good 20-30 years.
      You say : “I'll have to admit, that in the last few years I have not followed the practice very closely.” May I ask why? Curious about that remark because I am wondering what, at this point, you think of Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in the West.   Also I hope that your physical problems are not too great? And. Can I ask what Dharma center you are referring to?


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