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13350Indu Mill Mumbai Incidence & Others movement and RPI leaders drama.

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  • Dr. Milind Jiwane
    Jan 3, 2012
       Indu Mill Mumbai Incidence and other agitation of  Deekshabhoomi Nagpur & Rajgriha Dadar Mumbai Memorial (India) case.
                         Recently Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India has given his oral consent only to Mr Pritviraj Chavan, Chief Minister of
      Maharashtra and other political leaders in concerned with Indu Mill land of Mumbai. Our so called RPI leader Mr Ramdas Athawale
      and others one was found to be very happy and Mr Athawale was found on street with making a different types of drama. Still the Govt
      of India has not published any written notification or order about this issue. Even though our RPI leader found to be very happy after
      getting a oral lollipop or a piece of road bread. Such types of oral assurance was given by Mr Atal Bihari Bajpeyi, Prime Minister of India
      regarding a agricultural land for the Deekshabhoomi Nagpur but it was not implemented till now. Second issue of Dr Ambedkar Memorial
      of Yeshawant stadium Nagpur, which case is still pending in Mr Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra court. Already Nagpur Municipal
      Corporation has passed the revolution and make the necessary provision of finance in their budget since 19 years. But our RPI leader are
      not doing nothing in this regards. If really Congress Government of Maharashtra will honest in this regards, they should declare the
      Yashawant stadium Nagpur land for Ambedkar memorial immediately.  
                         Bodhisatva Dr B R Ambedkar, father of Indian Constitution, who accepted Buddhism on 14th October 1956, a
      Vijaya Dashami Day along with his 5 lacks of people of India at a time at Deekshabhoomi Nagpur (India). This is a great miracle
      in the world and it never be repeat again. Taking the importance of this two days, Buddhist people of India, who celebrate both
      the days ie. Vijaya Dashami Day and 14th October as their new Birth. Lacks of people gather at Deekshabhoomi Nagpur
      with keeping true faith on Dr Ambedkar. This is also second miracle in the world.
                           Taking the importance of this holy place, there is established a big Dr Ambedkar Memorial at
      Deekshabhoomi Nagpur. But it seems to be a big lacuna on one side of Agricultural Land side Memorial Gate. Still
      the said side not completed. BJP National Leader and Prime Minister of India Hon. Atal Bihar Bajpeyi has visited the
      Deekshabhoomi on his regime and announced that all the land of Agricultural will be handed over to Committee. But
      Mr Bajpeyi failed to implement it. And nobody ask him about that announcement. RPI Leader and Ex Governor
      Mr RS Gawai. who was demanded the said land before Congress Party and their Government. But after getting a Lali Pop
      by these Government, these leaders were forget their Social rights. Means Congress Government failed to implement it.
      But no agitation has been done in this regards.
                           Rajgriha Dadar Mumbai, A residence of Bodhisatva D Ambedkar issue is still not solved by the Government of
      Maharashtra. Dr Ambedkar was died on 6th December 1956. There will be passed 55 Yrs. But all the political parties
      Government has not been taken initiative in this regards. If the Government will found to be honest, they will easily provide a
      Big Bungalow for Adv. Prakash Ambedakr as their will and also provide a housing board quarters to rental persons of that
      area and will solve the court case very easily. Mr Ramdas Athawale RPI Leader and other Leaders, who constructed their 
      bungalows in very short time. But they forgotten this issue and not found to be honest in this regards.
                               Another burning issue of Dr Ambedkar Memorial Center at Yashwant Stadium Nagpur is still pending.
      Nagpur Municipal Corporation has passed the resolution in the house and make the necessary provision on golden
      jubilee celebration year. But there will be passed so many years and the said case is still pending before the jurisdiction
      of Govt. of Maharashtra. But not a single RPI and other leaders will take honestly initiative on this issue also.
                                I think, there will be need of power of people and not leaders. We must give hard lesson to
      our leaders. And will need of PEOPLE POWER as like the incidence of Indu Mill Mumbai, for national monuments.
      I am expecting honest opinion from Dhamma People and well wishers. Do you agree it. Then let us join this movement.
      Dr. Milind Jiwane
      Civil Rights Protection Cell