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  • nancy lemke
    Jun 1, 2004
      well first of all i joined this group to learn and meet others on
      the buddhist path if you will. i was just wondering where everyone
      was. just for your info..i do belong to two other buddhist groups
      and they have posts everyday and i also have my own support group
      for fibromyalgia and there are plenty of posts all the time there.
      we had over 600 last mo. so, when i didn't see any posts for a few
      days i was wondering out of compassion where every one was...i don't
      meet any need by readig the post.i truly enjoy reading them and
      as for any obstical....i have a family to take care of and not a
      whole lot of time just for me...mostly at night after i go to bed.
      if i were to be living by myself i would be commited more than i can
      be now...i do all i can at the present time. i am not worried about
      it at all. namaste, nancy

      In Buddhism_101@yahoogroups.com, Peckabigail@a... wrote:
      > Nancy,
      > What need is met for you by reading the posts from this list?
      > We have just had a sunny bank holiday here in the UK so few people
      > logged on.
      > I wanted to share with you a thought I had. I was having a
      negitive moment
      > thinking I would never reach enlightenment. Then I thought, why
      not? What is
      > my biggest obstical?
      > I decided that my biggest obstical was the Hermes Birkin bag.
      This is
      > because I have always lusted after one. Considering they are
      £20,000 each I decided
      > I always will. Should I strike it lucky and win the lottery I
      would spend my
      > money on quite a few things before I bought a Birkin. So the lust
      > remain. Say I was Madonna rich I would buy one. Then here comes
      the reality.
      > Would I enjoy walking around with £20,000 on my arm? Of course
      not, I would
      > look at it and think of all the more reasonable things I could
      spend on it, the
      > people it could have fed etc. So, for many years, I have lusted
      > something that if I owned would give me no pleasure . I decided
      to stop lusting. A
      > local high street store is doing a very nice copy at a price
      suitable for
      > earthlings, so I asked dh to buy me one for my birthday. The
      Birkin no longer
      > blocks my path.
      > Anyone want to share their biggest obstical?
      > Abigail
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