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11432pronunciation of Tibetan terms & names & mantras on websites

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  • ken
    Oct 4, 2009
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      One minor but significant difficulty I often have in my practice-- and
      I'd expect many others do too-- is an inability to know how to pronounce
      Tibetan names and terms. I feel this inability most when learning a new
      mantra, but at other times too.

      Being a bit conversant with web technologies, I'm confident that it
      would not be too difficult to create an audio file (e.g., .wav or .ogg
      or .mpg) containing a recited mantra or meditational song or deity name
      or other Tibetan name or term typically difficult for non-Tibetans to
      pronounce. Such audio files posted to a website and so made publicly
      available would be of considerable benefit to a lot of people who are
      trying to improve and enhance their practice.

      For those webmasters (and I believe there are several on this Buddhism
      101 list) who are unfamiliar with digital audio technology, there's a
      free application called Audacity which is quite suitable. Our sangha
      uses it to record dharma talks. As said, Audacity is free to download
      from the web, it works on Linux, UNIX, Windows, and other systems, and
      it has documentation on how to use it. A web search should supply a lot
      of other documentation on Audacity and how to post a sound file to
      webpage. As for hardware, any PC which is not too old and which has a
      sound card should be fine. Add to this an inexpensive microphone (I got
      one for free with the sound card I purchased about ten years ago) and a
      set of earbuds, and you have everything needed.

      If you have a website for us needy buddhists and need help with audio
      website components but the above isn't enough help, contact me and I'll
      see what help I can provide you.

      Om mani padme hum.


      War is a failure of the imagination.
      --William Blake
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