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    In a message dated 2/28/2005 12:32:21 PM Pacific Standard Time, madamzola@aol.com writes: We are required to complete who we are...participating in our own
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      In a message dated 2/28/2005 12:32:21 PM Pacific Standard Time, madamzola@... writes:
      We  are required to complete who we are...participating in our own creation, as it were.  In order to do this...we do not need more knowledge, understanding, patience, fortitude, anything!!!  We need only to be humble, as you say....and let "it" happen.  It  is too simple, as it sounds...but it is also extremely difficult
      Very well said.
      To me, spiritual evolution is something that is allowed to occur rather than something that is done. I see the ego as not a force for growth but actually the sole hindrance. For this reason only, we may need to play it's game in order to remove it's influence. In this sense, knowledge is sought, as in this format, even though we possess all knowledge within and we simply don't recognize it. Understanding is sought in order to loosen our hold on ignorance, even though this is illusion from the perspective of Self. If all resistance were to be removed, this could all be accomplished in a moment. The work, then, is to convince ourselves to surrender to Self.
      You speak of faith and I'm pleased that this is of value to you. I find that faith encourages a belief in something that is simply not believed. Faith, then, would seem to be a wishful choice.
      Everything we need seems to be there...but the choice is all.  We are, in a way, all about choice...it is our true "destiny" and purpose...to choose to be who we are
      I already feel as though I'm making you even more uncomfortable and so I apologize ahead of time. I find that choice is fundamentally illusion. We cannot choose one thing while believing another. Choice springs naturally from desire and belief and so to bring about a conscious choice requires the challenging of belief.
      Speaking of belief, it is mine that we create our experience of reality out of our beliefs. (I'm not certain how well this corresponds to Buddhism but I do know that it is believed that thought creates experience which seems to amount to the same thing.) If one wishes to meditate on a frightening prospect, one may consider that belief creates experience and experience creates belief. This might lead to the conclusion that conscious choices, themselves, are illusion and that evolution occurs through other means.
      Releasing all that we are not seems a God-like task.
      Indeed it is. This is why one ultimately humbly surrenders to the God of one's being. All other spiritual work is what leads us to this conclusion.
      Just some thoughts on your thoughts...forgive my rambling...
      I am just thinking outloud...thank you for listening...and for your post:)
      A wonderful ramble! Thank you.
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