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Re: BBnB 151 (6.15); BBnB On Vacation, Chat Log, Meditation Instructions Enclose

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  • ghanabhutii
    Re: BBnB 151 (6.15) BBnB is on Vacation, Chat Log, Meditation Instructions Enclosed for Finding the Free Space of Mind Hi Folks, BBnB is on vacation for one
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      Re: BBnB 151 (6.15)
      BBnB is on Vacation,

      Chat Log, Meditation Instructions Enclosed for
      Finding the Free Space of Mind

      Hi Folks,

      BBnB is on vacation for one week.
      Since we aren't meeting formally, this is a good time to get together with your Sangha Mates and discuss how meditation is going for you.

      Also, remember to start and keep a daily journal where you enter your experiences of Meditation. This will help 'direct your Mind toward Meditation' as well as help you learn that Meditation is a changing thing that has many manifestations.

      Keep any questions that aren't resolved to ask me later.

      Enjoy the Weather and we'll be back next week
      with a new Discussion and Continued Focusing on Meditation and Building the Enlightened Mind.

      The Chat Log and Meditation Instructions from last week's Meditation on Finding the Free Space of Mind are posted below.

      Namaste and Shanti,


      * * * * *


      Chat Log and Meditation Instructions




      BBnB 151 (6.15); Finding the Free Space of Mind


      Hi Folks,


      Below is the Chat Log from last Friday's Meditation.


      You can find the Email Instructions for this session at URL:


      BBnB Post 3024    BBnB 151 (6.15); Finding the Free Space of Mind: A Practice of Meditation


      Included are mediation instructions for finding the Free Space of Mind in terms of Mantra Meditation following the One Breath Meditation.


      Another name for this type of Meditation is the Meditation of Silent Mind, a precursor to Calm Abiding and Analytical Meditation.


      I've removed room greetings, social time and such to make the Chat Log more useful as a reference.


      As usually, we will start with the Introductory Mantras.


      Namaste and Shanti,




      * * * * *


      Let's get started with our Introduction - Refuge, Emptiness and Bodhicitta

      We do this every week to remind ourselves of the basic goodness in all the teachings. These mantras and prayers also remind us of the Three Jewels - and of our need for each other in our practice.

      Now - the First order of Business is to 'Provide a Space'
      for our work tonight. In Buddhism, we begin each practice, reading, day and meditation with refuge. We are taught to take Refuge at least Six Times a day.

      Thus, I will post the Refuge Prayer, a Contemplation of Emptiness, a form of the Bodhisattva Vow that establishes the Intent that our Practice be of Help to All Beings in achieving Liberation. 

      For those who have not taken refuge,
      this can be seen as a blessing and not a commitment.

      I'll post the Refuge Prayer - Three Versions of it - a Contemplation of Emptiness and then, a version of the Bodhisattva Vow.

      Now Together, Pause in Silence and then, take a moment to breathe in and out - and with the breath, generate Bodhi Mind, the wish to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

      The Refuge Prayer -

      Namo Buddhaya Namo Dharmaya Namo Sanghaya

      I go for refuge to the Buddha, I go for refuge to the Dharma, I go for refuge to the Sangha.

      From my heart, I take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, For the benefit of all sentient beings, will I generate Bodhi mind to Perfect Enlightenment.

      Contemplating Emptiness -

      All environments and beings, like dreams, magicians' illusions, and the moon reflected in water, are empty of inherent existence.  Though not truly existent, these appearances, designated by names and thoughts, appear like bubbles coming forth in water.

      Arousing Bodhicitta -

      The Universe is Numbered with Beings in Sorrow; I vow to Save them All. 
      The Universe is Numbered with Phantom Sorrows and Illusory Views; I vow to Defeat them all.
      The Truth is Subtle and Immeasurable; I vow to Master and Teach it.
      Enlightenment is beyond both Tears and Knowing; I vow to Attain it.

      ||I Send Forth This Jeweled Mandala to You Precious Gurus ||

      * * * * *

      GhanaBhuti:    So - tonight, we will continue Building the Enlightened Mind by taking our recent studies on Conventional Mind to the meditation Cushion
       GhanaBhuti:    We will be using what I refer to as 'Environment Meditation,' a form of Meditation that edges up to the traditional modes of Calm Abiding and Analytical Meditation but is a bit different from both
      GhanaBhuti:    Basically, we will use the One Breath Meditation to 'get in the mood' and then, Mantra meditation to continue to still the mind
      GraceZenberg:    lol @ get in the mood
      GhanaBhuti:    Then, we will have the Intent - a seed or suggestion - to see the Conventional Mind in terms of Mere Clarity and Arising
      GhanaBhuti:    LOL, Gracie
       GhanaBhuti:    Classical Calm Abiding is the ability to focus steadily on one thing - the silent mind we will practice tonight is a preceding step to that Calm Abiding
      GhanaBhuti:    WE will also practice several periods tonight - a couple of 2 minute meditations and then one or two 5 minute sessions

      Wheelflowr:    ::got my cushions::

       GhanaBhuti:    The Purpose of tonight's session is to help each of you establish a daily meditation practice if you don't have one - or to improve your daily practice if you do have one :)

      Robes0:    "The Silence" is a common term in many religious traditions: Hindu, Christian, Taoist, Even the Ancient Egyptian and Gnostic
       Robes0:    And Platoism
      GhanaBhuti:    So - really get into each line I type and each instruction - especially the ones that say 'Keep it Easy'
       Myrophine:    like a light touch


      GhanaBhuti:    Meditation is a Relaxed Attentiveness - not a Spy Thriller with a surveillance scene
       Rob427W:    I tend to treat it like the latter
       GraceZenberg:    the one breath will relax us ..

      GhanaBhuti:    Let me post just a bit from the email
      GhanaBhuti:    During the last month or so we have taken a look at Mind in terms of gaining freedom from knee-jerk reactions and dissonant emotions.
      GhanaBhuti:    The study of Mind defined as 'Mere Clarity and Awareness' allows us to see that the Nature of Mind is not Anger, Sorrow, Loneliness or any negative state.
      GhanaBhuti:    The practice meditations we did which STOPPED Mind at the level of Mere Clarity and Awareness helped us realize that the trigger to go on to Anger
      GhanaBhuti:    and other negative emotions can be moderated so that we are not at the mercy of our own anger.
      GhanaBhuti:    What we are talking about is finding the Free Space of Mind

      GhanaBhuti:    We will do this tonight for Conventional Mind and later on, we will work with the Ultimate nature of Mind

      Robes0:    Wren The Noble Silence usually refers in Buddhism to the "14 Unanswerable Questions" and in Christianity to the Refusal of Jesus to answer Pilets questions of "What is Truth?"
       Rob427W:    We'll be ready for Ultimate nature in two hours.
      Rob427W:    ;-)
      Wrenlette:    huh......ty Robes- I thought it meant how Silence seeps into one's very being thus giving Solace...
      Robes0:    Wren that was Jesus' Reaction

       GhanaBhuti:    Another way to think of this is that it is apparent that the nature of mind is NOT anger. If this were so, then our Mind would be angry all the time.
      GhanaBhuti:    Moreover, if Anger was the nature of Mind, all people would be angry all the time. Since the contents of Mind change rapidly, two things are apparent:

       è       First, there is a level of Mind that is defined by what it contains.
          è       Second, there is a level of Mind that is silent, Spacious, Aware, Free and

                  has no limiting contents.

      GhanaBhuti:    If we pause for a moment, we can begin to understand that we can use the Practice of Meditation to spend some time 'in the Free Space of Mind.'
      GhanaBhuti:    As we begin a regular meditation practice we can approach it the same way we feel about a nice shower or bath.

      GhanaBhuti:    Meditation is meant to make the mind feel as Fresh and New as a good Shower makes the body feel.

      Rob427W:    Vajrayana is the spa treatment
      Rob427W:    Alright, I'm done.


      GhanaBhuti:    Let's pause for questions at this point :)
      GhanaBhuti:    Now - what exactly is the Nature of Mind we want to be aware of tonight?
       GhanaBhuti:    you guys tell me :)
      Cindbird9:    it's Clear Nature?
      Seppos ladle:    
      UlrikitaMetz:    calm
      Wrenlette:    luminous?
      TrtlPath:    emptiness
       GraceZenberg:    mere clarity and awareness
       Myrophine:    arising independent of elaboration
      GhanaBhuti:    Yes, Gracie - we're keeping this very simple

       GraceZenberg:    good :-)
      GhanaBhuti:    We want to be aware of the Basic level of Cognition necessary for Mind to 'continue continuing

       Robes0:    CIND "Mere SIlence" is not the Clear Nature, because it's not always accompanied by the Cognitive Clarity
      Wheelflowr:    we want to be aware of the level of mind that is conditioned

      Cindbird9:    Oh ok thank you for that
      Robes0:    ok

      GhanaBhuti:    Mind is a Continuum, but we take what mind experiences and then we tend to color it with the Skandhas of Feeling and Perception
       Wheelflowr:    and the point at which we can see it before it becomes influenced
      GhanaBhuti:    If we can keep from coloring the Experience of Mind, we can more easily experience Mind as Such rather than a contaminated mental state
       Myrophine:    I have heard its continuuty itself is fabricated by mind
      Robes0:    MYRO that's somewhat true since the previous Mind-Moment is the Karmic cause of the Next Mind-monent
      Myrophine:    only aparently as it is aparent the sun rises yet really it is still
      Wheelflowr:    so much for losing our minds
       GhanaBhuti:    Myro, Robes - that's true for Conventional Mind at least :)
      Robes0:    0MYRO from our perspective we can't say how else it arises
      Myrophine:    true


       GhanaBhuti:    Remember our Guided Meditations from the past few weeks
       GhanaBhuti:    We practiced letting 'Mind Arise with Awareness' but then, we did NOT allow it to go further to Conditioning by Feeling and Perception
      GhanaBhuti:    What we are doing here is practicing finding Mind in Meditation - which is the only damn place you'll ever find it - otherwise, it is intangible


      GhanaBhuti:    Let's start with a One Breath and then a 2 minute extension - so the entire thing will last about 2.5 minutes - then we can ask questions to cure any issues and misunderstandings etc


       GhanaBhuti:    Before we start - there are four stages to meditation - what are they ?

      Cindbird9:    Meditation, Dedication, Taking it back to every day

      GhanaBhuti:    Part One: Establishing Intent, Bodhi Mind and Emptiness
       GhanaBhuti:    which we did before we started - this is how you can begin each meditation session of your own
      GhanaBhuti:    then
       GhanaBhuti:    Part Two: The Meditation itself
       GhanaBhuti:    Part Three: Dedication of Merit
      GhanaBhuti:    Part Four: Taking the Experience back into All Aspects of Life

       GhanaBhuti:    So - We'll do the One Breath - and then, how do we use Mantra to extend the session ?
      WaldanPond:    for the good of others
      GraceZenberg:    okay GB
      Rob427W:    One mantra on the in, one on the out
      Cindbird9:    We began repeating it silently on each in and out breath
      Wheelflowr:    if our mind starts to chatter
      Wheelflowr:    we focus on our mantra
      Cindbird9:    when it fades to silence just sit in the silence

      GhanaBhuti:    Yes - don't move the lips or tongue - and - IF THE MIND GOES Quiet, let the Mantra go and experience the silence
      Wheelflowr:    k
      GhanaBhuti:    IF you have a thought, don't fight it - let the thought 'liberate itself' and then, turn the mind gently back to the mantra


      GhanaBhuti: The Mantra is Om Mani Peme Hum

      GhanaBhuti:    Repeat the Mantra Once on the In-breath, Once on the Out-Breath

      Myrophine:    thoughts are part of meditation :) no problem
      GhanaBhuti:    Any questions ?

       GhanaBhuti:    Remember - Meditation is natural. It's merely another way to experience the Mind

      GhanaBhuti:    I'll post the 5 stages of Breath for the One Breath Meditation  and then, we'll talk about how to extend that to the Mantra meditation
      GhanaBhuti:    I'll post the stages for the One Breath and then signal the start of the 2.5 minute session


       The One Breath Meditation

       1. Exhale normally

       2. As you near the end of the out-breath, Close your eyes and bring your attention to the Tip of your Nose (your nostrils).

       3. Now - breathe in at a slow to moderate pace - keeping the attention on the tip of the nose

       4. Notice the Space between the Breaths just for a moment before you exhale - and then

       Note That Step 4 is Not REALLY Holding the Breath - it's observing the natural pause between In-Breath and Out-Breath   and then, between Out-Breath and In-Breath.

       5. Exhale at a slow- to moderate speed keeping the attention on the Tip of the Nose

      Now Breathe Normally until Thoughts Return. When thoughts return, you can go back to the meditation by using the Mantra,
      Om Mani Peme Hum.

      'Om Mani Peme Hum.'  Repeat the Mantra silently to yourself once on the In-Breath and once on the Out-Breath.
       When the Mantra disappears sit in silence. Use the Mantra again when thoughts recur

      GhanaBhuti:    Let's start now - I'll signal with the Drop Wav when we're finished
      GhanaBhuti:    Start Now

      (2 minutes pass)


      GhanaBhuti:    {s drop
      GhanaBhuti:    Come back gently now
      GhanaBhuti:    have a sip of water -
      GhanaBhuti:    Now - let's take a moment to share how this brief excursion was


    • ghanabhutii
      This is the Continuation of The Chat Log from the Previous Post BBnB 151 (6.15) - BBnB is on Vacation, Chat Log, Meditation Instructions Enclosed for Finding
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 5, 2008
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        This is the Continuation of


        The Chat Log from the Previous Post


        BBnB 151 (6.15) - BBnB is on Vacation,

        Chat Log, Meditation Instructions Enclosed for
        Finding the Free Space of Mind

        * * * * *

        GhanaBhuti:    Now - do a One Breath
        GhanaBhuti:    See how it feels
         Rob427W:    Goodness.
        Myrophine:    felt satisfying!
        Rob427W:    Doesn't feel like a cage any more
        Cindbird9:    it shifts my focus from nose to solar plexus

        GhanaBhuti:    Did you get any pops out of it when you massaged?
        GhanaBhuti:    My sternum pops a bit when I do that
        Rob427W:    Don't know about 'pops'
        GhanaBhuti:    It comes from manipulating the rib ends where they fuse with the sternum – and it also has an effect on the energies (pranas) of the subtle body)
        Wrenlette:    this is so much better than trying to be a statue
        Myrophine:    I thought hand chakras!
        Wrenlette:    mudras
        GhanaBhuti:    Yes, Myro :)


        Cindbird9:    I get costrochondritis, swelling of ribs ends where they connect. Maybe that's why it didn't work for me

        GhanaBhuti:    Cind - I know how to make it work for you
        Cindbird9:    how?
        GhanaBhuti:    reach around and manipulate the rib ends in the spine first
        Cindbird9:    never thought of that. thanks
        GhanaBhuti:    Then try the front again
        Cindbird9:    that worked!

        Myrophine:    heart energy in the hands
        UlrikitaMetz:    I feel I have a solar plexus now :-)

        UlrikitaMetz:    I never had one before :-)
        GhanaBhuti:    Congrats Kita - even Europeans can have them LOL
        UlrikitaMetz:    LOL

         GhanaBhuti:    The solar plexus and above that the cardiac plexus are the physical body equivalent to the Stomach and Heart Chakras – the Manipur charka and the Anahat charka.
         Wrenlette:    I always have sensations of love & pain between my breasts not in my sternum....
        GhanaBhuti:    Meditation will make you much more aware of the body - which is one of the four foundations of Mindfulness
        GhanaBhuti:    Body, Mind, Feelings and dharmas (here, dharma means phenomena). 
        Wheelflowr:    yellow
        Seppos ladle:    back

        GhanaBhuti:    Let's do the Dedication of Merit - and during this Dedication,
        Seppos ladle:    it was cool to stand out in the post rain air
        Wheelflowr:    or in the dishwasher
        Wrenlette:    nice,Seppos
        GhanaBhuti:    Feel the continuation of the Meditaitonal Energy - then we'll talk for just a min about 'bringing it all back to the rest of your life'

        GhanaBhuti:    Dedication of Merit –


        May whoever sees, hears, talks, or even thinks about this Group, Never be born in the lower realms and receive only perfect human rebirths. May they meet a perfectly qualified spiritual Guide, Quickly achieve the fully enlightened state, and as a Buddha, lead all other beings to enlightenment.

        By virtue of invoking and requesting the Tathagata and Bodhisattvas, we add our merit to that of all Buddhas, Saints, Bodhisattvas and Seers of the three times and the ten directions and thus, to Highest Enlightenment, the Maintenance of the Dharma and The Benefit of all Sentient Beings.

         And may those motivated by anger who have yet to find the peace in their lives learn patience, forgiveness and be comforted.

         || Sarva Mangalam ||

        || May All that is Auspicious be Accomplished ||
         || Idam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Niryatayami ||

        ||I Send Forth This Jeweled Mandala to You Precious Gurus||


        Cindbird9:    bows to Ghana
        GhanaBhuti:    Thanks to each of you for coming tonight ::: bows:::
        TrtlPath:    ty ghana
        WaldanPond:    great session GB, thanks
        GraceZenberg:    thank you Ghanaji
        UlrikitaMetz:    thanks ghana
        WaldanPond:    and to others
        Myrophine:    yes glad I came
        Rayvenmaniac:    was wonder full, ghana, thanks:)
        Myrophine:    ty

        Rob427W:    Ghanaji -- the problem is, sometimes I don't realize what virtue we have to just BE here.
        Seppos ladle:    nice to do the daily bit with you all
        Rob427W:    Thank you VERY VERY much for having it.

        GhanaBhuti:    Now - about 'Taking the cushion to the rest of your life'
        Rob427W:    I'd pay for 'dis shit.
        GraceZenberg:    yes,thanks to everybody :-)
        GhanaBhuti:    You are all very welcome :)
        UlrikitaMetz:    I'm so happy that I have a solar plexus :-)
        Cindbird9:    lol kita
        Rayvenmaniac:    glad for you kita:)
        Seppos ladle:    Kita lol8-)
        GhanaBhuti:    I am grateful to pass along what others have taken the time to show me - as imperfectly as I may have learned

        OnlineHost:    WaldanPond has left the room.
        GraceZenberg:    we're happy tooo Kita
        Wrenlette:    I can'at express my Graditude to you, GB, for reaching out to all us isolated & aspiring folks all across the country.
        Wrenlette:    So much appreciated how we come together with such good will.

        Cindbird9:    if it wasn't for this group, I would have no contact with other Buddhists.
        Wrenlette:    me too Cind

        GhanaBhuti:    So - it's important to remember when stress comes
         GhanaBhuti:    To remember - I don't have to react in anger - I'm a Meditator
         GhanaBhuti:    I know how Mind works and I will NOT be its victim
        Seppos ladle:    Wooo! On a PLANE now, aren't we?
        UlrikitaMetz:    yup. more power to you, ghan
        GhanaBhuti:    Mind and I together will Master the negative emotions and achieve Great Realization so that we can help others do the same
        UlrikitaMetz:    and to me, of course... LOL
        Wrenlette:    it's a rope not a snake the lil bugger


        GhanaBhuti:    Thanks again for staying and participating in this remarkable group
        GraceZenberg:    nice Ghana
        Rob427W:    I am getting a twinge where I want to do something important.
        Wrenlette:    I had a recent encounter with a violent man and Mindfulness kicked in- just happened
        GhanaBhuti:    Rob - you're WAY TOO YOUNG to be washed up LOL
        Rob427W:    I'll get the cheese, crackers, and wine.


        UlrikitaMetz:    what's this area in my head that makes me dizzy?
        Rob427W:    The cerebellum, maybe, UM.
        Cindbird9:    I have found that meditation has given me a brake on what used to be a horrible temper
         Seppos ladle:    for me, the eightfold path flows from dhyana
        TrtlPath:    good  night all,,,and thankyou so much Ghana:-)

        GraceZenberg:    nite Trtl
        Seppos ladle:    nite Trtl
        Rayvenmaniac:    nite trtl
        Cindbird9:    nite trtl

        GhanaBhuti:    Kita - under what circumstances do you fell dizzy
        GhanaBhuti:    Nite, Turtle :)
        UlrikitaMetz:    always when I meditate
         GhanaBhuti:    Kita - it's very likely a stiff neck. Try some stretches. I can send you directions if you need them.

        Namaste and Shanti,



        * * * * *

        All Original Material Copyright,   © 2008 GhanaBhuti, GhanaBhuti@...

        * * * * *

        We Dedicate any Merit this Group and
        These Discussions Accumulate to the Benefit
        Of all Beings and thus to Highest Enlightenment

        * * * * *

        If you do not wish to receive these mailings,
        simply reply to this email and change the subject to 'Remove.'
        I have no desire to darken anyone's email without their permission. - gb




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