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BBnB 110(4.20) It was forty years ago today- The Now and Then of the Mani Mantra

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  • ghanabhutii
    Hi Folks, I am, among many other fathers and mothers, a child of the 60 s and, today is a monumental anniversary in my life. On June 1, 1967*, the Beatles
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      Hi Folks,

      I am, among many other fathers and mothers, a child of the 60's and, today is a monumental anniversary in my life.

      On June 1, 1967*, the Beatles released the album, 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.' For those of you younger than the album, I'll report that this event was described as the most important Rock Album in History, a reputation that it still deserves.

      I remember clearly hearing the songs on the radio of my Mom's Fairlane Coupe with a Hurst 3-speed in the floor. I was so astonished that I pulled off the road, turned up the volume and listened as closely as I could. Having meditated daily for several years at the time, this was the only modern music I'd heard that resonated with that inner world.

      Now, 40 years later I find myself in a life constructed of many causes, and one of the causes is the Deep Need for Insight that John, George, Paul and Ringo planted in the historical context of my teen years. I have taken the road that they expressed in that Album many times and now, a scant few years away from the magical number of '64' I stop occasionally to look at what I've learned and unlearned, gained and lost.

      In this accounting, I measure all experiences against both the idealism of youth and the purported wisdom of age. It is somewhere in the middle of these extremes that I find the subtle blend that passes for the accumulations of this life. The Beatles hold up very well in the middle lands and I am grateful for their opening my eyes to many worlds beyond the small town that gave me birth.

      Thinking of this anniversary, I also recalled the many paths I've taken since those early awakenings and especially upon the paths written long before the Beatles by the Sage of the Sakya Clan. With these influences and the topic of Mantra on my mind, the Beatles and the Mani Mantra seem to be at one, the wisdom of one recalling the wisdom of the other - a blend of idealism and wisdom that still draws my body, mind and speech to the comforts of the cushion and the active contemplation of what little I have learned.

      In this light, here is my experience of Om Mani Peme Hung, a poem that sounds so much like both the Buddha and the Beatles - and what makes the Beatles worthy of being considered in the exalted company of the Buddha is their continual search, the same search that led the Buddha to Bodh Gaya and me to the Buddha and the Mani.

      Here is my meditation on the Mani Mantra, a meditation informed 'Within You and Without You' by the Beatles as well as many other teachers over a long and wonderful life.

      Om Mani Peme Hung

             The All of Existence is my Mother, a truth
      lying deep in the Earth,
                       A Lotus rising to face the Sun
      reminds us that we are InterWoven Above, Below and
             in the Present of all Moments.

             Rest in Peace and Serenity and know
      that, as we gain the Two, all Beings can find
      the Peace of the Victors.


      * Sgt P. was released in the UK on June 1 and on June 2 in the USA.

      * * * * *

      We Dedicate any Merit this Group and
      These Discussions Accumulate to the Benefit
      Of all Beings and thus to Highest Enlightenment

      * * * * *



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