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Metta as wishing "happiness" for ourselves and others

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  • Sharon
    Metta as wishing happiness for ourselves and others This word happiness also seems to be a tricky one. [laughs] . . . This word happiness, people have a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2003
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      Metta as wishing "happiness" for ourselves and others

      "This word 'happiness' also seems to be a tricky one. [laughs] . . .
      This word 'happiness,' people have a lot of difficulty with it. They
      say, 'I don't know if I want to wish myself, or someone else,
      happiness, because, you know, we learn a lot from our unhappiness and
      stuff, and besides if I wish them happiness, what's really going to
      make them happy is stuff that also gets them in a lot of trouble, and
      for me, too.' It's true, it can be a somewhat loaded term, I guess.
      Although it was meant in a very simple, naive way that all of us
      really would much prefer to feel some sense of joy, some sense of
      inspiration, light-heartedness, and delight than we would to be
      miserable and depressed all the time. You just say, 'For goodness
      sake, could I have happiness, or could other people have happiness.'

      "But in working with this, one of the ways of phrasing this that
      seems to be more digestible for people is to think of happiness in a
      very profound sense of May I fulfill my potential--during this
      lifetime, from now until I die, may the days of my life add up to
      waking up and fulfilling my potential, actually connecting with the
      deep and rich potential that I have, and wishing that for other
      people as well.

      "Often that's a lot more what we're getting at, anyway, and that
      includes...you don't exactly know, that could include what we
      call 'sorrow' and what we call 'joy,' whatever it is that nurtures us
      and wakes up and helps us to grow up and to fulfill our potential."

      ~ Pema Chodron, "The Love That Never Dies"

      May this be of benefit.
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