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(1) Metta Bhavana by Bodhipaksa

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  • antony272b2
    The Metta Bhavana is a meditation for developing lovingkindness. Bhavana means cultivation or development, and Metta is a word that means love,
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 29, 2012
      "The Metta Bhavana is a meditation for developing lovingkindness.

      "Bhavana" means "cultivation" or "development," and "Metta" is a word that means "love," "friendliness," or "lovingkindness." So this is a meditation practice where we actively cultivate some very positive emotional states towards others, as well as to ourselves.

      This meditation practice helps us to bring more harmony into our relationships with others, so that we experience less conflicts, resolve existing difficulties, and deepen our connections with people we already get on with.

      This meditation helps us to overcome anger, resentment, and hurt.

      It helps us to empathize more, and to be more considerate, kind, and forgiving. We can also learn to appreciate others more, concentrating more on their positive qualities and less on their faults. We learn to be more patient.

      In this meditation practice, we also cultivate Metta towards ourselves, so that we experience less internal conflict, and learn to appreciate ourselves more. This is a particularly important aspect of the practice. It's traditionally held that we all cherish ourselves, and that what we need to do is to expand our love from ourselves to others. For example in the Buddhist text, The Udana, we read:

      Searching all directions
      with one's awareness,
      one finds no one dearer
      than oneself.
      In the same way, others
      are fiercely dear to themselves.
      So one should not hurt others
      if one loves oneself.

      And yet many of us in the west have been brought up to hate ourselves. We don't thoroughly hate ourselves, of course. In fact we tend to treat ourselves very well! But we do tend to keep up an undercurrent of negative self-talk. And to the extent to which we hate ourselves, we're unable to relate healthily to others.

      Lovingkindness practice helps us to feel more positive, accepting, kind, and patient toward ourselves, in order that we can be more compassionate and loving toward others."

      To be continued...

      For links to details on metta methods,
      emotions, overview and Stages 1-5
      click on the above link

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      Posted here with the kind permission of Bodhipaksa

      With metta / Antony.
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