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Fear and Compassion

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  • Sharon Werner
    Fear and Compassion . . . fear s intentionality is to protect you. It has you in its heart. It s love turned askew. Now, when you re afraid, you can start
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2005

      Fear and Compassion

      " . . . fear's intentionality is to protect you. It has you in its heart. It's love turned askew. Now, when you're afraid, you can start appreciating the fact that fear arises instead of spiritually being shocked by it . . . When you feel a fear, if you can see in that moment of it, that you are in it's heart; the heart of fear has you in it; and that it's really self-love. Then you won't be so harsh in your reprimand [towards yourself] for having that fear. And it leads to a quieter, more gentle understanding. It's not that we allow it to do its torturous thing on us, but we don't hold it with such contempt."

      ~ Rodney Smith, Seattle Insight Meditation Society, excerpted from a course lecture, "The Six Fears: The Origin of Fear"

      The lecture can be heard in its entirety at:



      May this be of benefit.

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