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5196Budgeting for Abundant Metta Practice

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  • antony272b2
    Nov 21, 2013
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      I'm creating a daily routine for metta practice. My philosophy when finding myself with ideal conditions to practice is to think that there's “no time like the present” to set a precedent for repeated future practice at that time of the day.

      Metta is a devotional practice, but is also a matter of mundane priorities, as there are an infinite number of beings one could theoretically include in the practice in the first place. One also should budget physical comforts such as sleeping only when necessary and eating in moderation. Good metta practice is exciting but unless time is allocated in one's daily routine it is unlikely to happen, even if one doesn't have a regular job to go to.

      I am sending metta to friends of loved ones and loved ones of friends in order to get my relationships in perspective rather than thinking that people in my life exist only in relation to me.

      Ironically prioritizing and budgeting mundane resources for abundant metta practice is not an oxymoron, as it includes mudita for the awesome mass of humanity who are sending metta to each other, and if one dies whilst creating metta-jhana the lifespan after divine rebirth is incalculable.

      With metta / Antony.

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