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5174RE: Mental stress as passion, aversion & delusion

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  • antony272b2
    Nov 9, 2013

      Hi Tep,

      I found this in the Urban Dictionary:

      "Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible."

      With metta / Antony.

      ---In buddhaviharas@yahoogroups.com, <antony272b@...> wrote:

      Dear Tep,

      You wouldn't tell a starving person in Africa that their mental stress was due to greed, hatred and delusion. But you could explain it in terms of passion, aversion and delusion.

      With metta / Antony.

      ---In buddhaviharas@yahoogroups.com, <tepsastri@...> wrote:

      What is passion?  Most-often-seen meanings are ardent love, strong sexual desire; lust.

      What is greed? It is excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves.

      Greed(lobha) is always present as a latent tendency, whether there is passion or not.

      Passion originates from greed. Greed can cause aversion/anger/hatred(dosa) and delusion/ignorance(moha: a synonym of avijja) without a  passion. Also, dosa or moha can condition greed to arise without any passion.

      So I think greed is the better rendition of lobha than passion.



      ---In Buddhaviharas@yahoogroups.com, <antony272b@...> wrote:

      I think that "stress" can often be a much more profound translation of dukkha than suffering. My difficult person is a nurse educator, and my teacher once said that nurses were "stressed out of their heads". But according to Buddhism, although physical stress is unavoidable, mental stress can be skillfully discovered to be unnecessary and is associated with the three unskillful roots of passion, aversion and delusion (usually mistranslated as greed, hatred and delusion).

      I want my difficult person to be free from mental stress so that she doesn't have any passion, aversion and delusion to take out on other people. And I want to be free from passion, aversion and delusion so that I don't suffer mental stress thinking about her.

      The three skillful roots are dispassion, goodwill and discernment. My difficult person has the seeds for these qualities and I can help her to water them by including her in my metta practice.

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