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2034Hindrances to meditation and cultivation of goodwill - criticism

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  • Sharon Werner
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Hindrances to meditation and cultivation of goodwill - criticism

      "It isn't difficult for us to notice other people's faults as these
      so frequently annoy us, and in this negative state we are convinced
      that what we think is right, and that we are entitled to pass
      judgment. This makes us quick to criticize, and in doing so we forget
      that our thinking is based on our own opinions, which cannot be
      completely objective. In a sense, all our opinions are wrong, because
      they are rooted in our ego-illusion: 'I have, I want I will; I
      believe, I know, I think.' . . .

      "By the time repeated criticism becomes a habit, we have cared ruts
      of negativity within ourselves . . . every time we criticize we are
      gradually forming a habit."

      ~ Ayya Khema, "Come and See For Yourself: The Buddhist Path to
      Happiness," Windhorse Publications, 2002

      May this be of benefit.
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