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  • Hai Nguyen
    Aug 21 9:07 AM
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      Hello friends,


      I would like to share with you that I recently returned from my teacher monastery on Mount Madonna in Northern California.  The temperature on the mountain in the Redwood forest were quite cool.  It has been a few years, since my last visit due to the busy schedule at Sinh Thuc Meditation Center.  It was quite pleasant to be able to spent time with my monastic friends.  All of them are now senior brothers and sisters of the community.  One evening, a group of us drove down the mountain to a nearby town to enjoy a private veggie pizza dinner and catch up on old time.


      I would also like to share with you a photo of the famous marble Buddha stature sitting in the middle of the Redwood trees.  The stature is about 35 ft tall, as tall as the redwood trees, and weight many, many thousands ton.  This is my favorite statue as the Buddha face is so peaceful and joy to look at.   Another famous landmark at the monastery is the giant awakening bell.  It takes about 3 or 4 of us to put our arms around the bell J.  The beautiful sound of this bell travels great distance on top of the mountain.


      Hope you enjoy the photos and Have a great weekend,