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  • Pamela K Brown
    Aug 13, 2008
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      Hello everyone:
      I have appreciated the discussion on this topic as it has raised the
      issue into my awareness! I am usually aware that I multitask and have
      many things needing to be attended with not enough time to do it all. My
      natural tendency is to do one thing at a time but then I tend not to
      finish things! Sometimes I feel like a bee or hummingbird jumping from
      one thing to another as I've never learned to do two things at once. For
      the most part I can manage this as I feel I am responding to the demands
      of my current life and work which in fact I have chosen and gives me
      great satisfaction. There are moments though when I want things to slow
      down. What pulls me up short is when I'm confronted by death or illness
      - moments of mortality puts things into slow motion. Then I start back
      up again. There is something humorous about all this also - not sure why
      I see the humor in it but I do.
      I hope you are all well and enjoying the spectacular weather. The
      sunrise this morning was breathtaking!!
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