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Re: NY Aviators schedule released

Hi Pat, Hope all is well and happy new year.... email me anytime to say hello BKLYNACES@... Alan ________________________________ From: pwitt1012
Alan Friedman
Jan 8, 2010

NY Aviators schedule released

22 game schedule. No midweek games, all games Friday-Sunday. No word on tickets yet. Check out the schedule link below:
Sep 29, 2009

New name - Brooklyn Hockey

In the light of Brooklyn Hockey coming back to Aviator Arena, I have decided to change the group name. It will no longer be called BrooklynAces. The group
Aug 5, 2009

Hockeys back

Hockey has come back to Brooklyn and will be playing at Aviator Arena. No word on what the team will be called and whos the owner is. Does anyone here know how
Aug 5, 2009

Good news - Brooklyn NEPHL is close

Hopefully Aviator!!!! http://www.acesoverbrooklyn.com/2009/07/28/brooklyn-team-close-to-joinin\ g-nephl/
Aug 2, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

Very funny.... First of all, there has been no words from EPHL (even Alan, who happen to be member of this board) regarding to Aces future. Both EPHL and Aces
Jul 23, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

Pat - My opinion is that we will get a team at Aviator. We will start another group after Roy shuts this one down. We just won't let Roy join it. Are you going
Jul 22, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

Claire --- I did check the site every single day and still do this morning. The site is down. Has been down for the past several days. Even Aces and three
Jul 19, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

According to Danbury article that I read, via oursportscentral website, this is Riggs fourth tenure as hockey commissioner. All 3 has folded and look like
Jul 19, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

I feel for Allan. He was the best owner in this league and did everything in hispower to make going to Aces games a fun experience,. Just hope that he lands
Patrick Witt
Jul 18, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

I don't know about the EPHL web site being down. Maybe they are updating or something. But I did hear that the Aces are moving to danbury ... From: dsprocky
Jul 18, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

Its bad enough, Pat... AFL has suspended 2009 season and rumors is that they may not be back AT ALL. And if they do come back, it will be some AFL teams and
Jul 17, 2009

Re: Aces dead?!?

R.I.P, Brooklyn Aces You'll be missed. Any one want to buy the car I bought to drive to Aces games at Aviator? It's a 2004 Ford Blazer, only 52000 miles
Patrick Witt
Jul 15, 2009

Aces dead?!?

I was informed that there is new league called NEPHL (North East Professional Hockey League) and it is just CT, RI, Mass and NH. However, there is another
Jul 14, 2009

Few things...

Patrick has left the board and Im trying, once again, to get him back here again. Like I stated before, only Alan can make decision where Aces is going to
Jun 7, 2009
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