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  • Benner
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      Thanks Mark! I was reading the directions over the phone and she new the road, but had never gone down it so she couldn't figure out where the cemetary was either.
      Does Waldoboro have a cemetary association to find where the unmarked graves are or would the town office have the records? 

      Patty Johnson

      Education is the most important subject which we as people, can be engaged in..--Abraham Lincoln

      A few of the active Waldoboro cemeteries have a loose knit organization/association to keep track of burials, maintenance, fees, dues, etc. The German cemetery, Benner-Comery, Rural, Shuman, Sweetland, and Dutch Neck, (just to mention a few), are probably the best maintained/organized.  Others may have records of varying degrees of completness, (or not), but good luck trying to view or research any of these as they're not replaceable and pretty closely guarded!
      In the Waldoboro museum there is a large map that pinpoints many of the well known cemeteries; this map is also included within the book, Broad Bay Pioneers, by Horlacher and Whitaker/ Picton Press. I have about eighty cemeteries, family lots, and burial plots listed in my own extensive research and I have them mapped, and censused to year 2006. Give me a name and I have all the resources right here to tell you exactly where they're buried. My works, Waldoboro Cemeteries, have not yet been published.
      One other thing, and it's kind of disturbing, is the number of modern day burials that the state and town is allowing, is the practice of people allowed to be buried in their own backyards, often just a single burial and not in an established cemetery! I don't know of anyone in the town office who is keeping track of these in Waldoboro but I have six or eight listed in my research.
      Outside of all this, there are all the old, outdated M.O.C.A. books at the state library in Augusta. These are way outdated and are pretty fragmented. Some of these cemeteries were censused in the 1850/60's and had never been done since!
      -mark benner-   benner3@... 
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