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[BroadBayMEGen] Reunion: Peters - White - Boullie/Bulley - Suitter of Maine/NB

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  • Angel Bittues
    My William Peters was born in New Brunswick - at the time early 1783- early1800 s they were Loyalists that were deported to New Brunswick, the family
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 5, 2007
      My William Peters was born in New Brunswick - at the time early 1783- early1800's they were Loyalists that were deported to New Brunswick, the family originally was deported from the New York Area. And they had brought some of their "slaves" with them to New Brunswick.
      I don't know of a related branch that moved into the area of Waldoboro or Warren 1800-1900, I would rather think they would be of the Peters line that came up from Massachusetts;  which is not related to my knowledge.
      I posted to this list because I know there are "cousins" in that area now, and felt some may see the notice.  Some of the lines have daughtered out - and I have not been able to find all of their children. 
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      To your knowledge, does your William Peters, b. 1803, (where?), connect somehow with Waldoboro, Maine or Warren, Maine genealogical history?
      There is a Peters cemetery in the Petersborough section of Warren, Maine. Were you already aware of this? Some of these Peters were black, you know....
       Looking for Descendants of :

       William Peters b. 1803 m. Almyra M. Lyons b. 1821
       Their children were:
           Leavit Peters
           Belle Peters m. J. Jones
           Dora Peters m. M. Morrisy
           Augusta Hannah Peters
           George Peters b. 1845
           Harland Peters b. 1852 m. Jeannie Adma Crouse
           Frank Page Peters b. 1856 m. Imogene Smart
           Mary Peters m. Judson Niles
           Herbert Edward Peters b. 1873 m. Hannah Jane White
          William and Almyra and their children have been found in the Danforth, Orient, Hodgdon and Island Falls, Maine areas, and other towns on both sides of the Maine and New Brunswick border. I know their descendants are all over the state of Maine and westward.
       ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ****
       Cooledge/Coolege A White b. abt 1841 and Lydia Jane Marshall b. 1841
       Their children were :
           Cooledge/Coolege White b. abt 1860 m. Maud Goodall
           William White b. abt 1860 m. Essie Henderson
           Richard Theophius Elmer White b. 1869 m. Flora Moores
           Abraham Dean White b. 1872 m. Harriet Sarah White
           Emmeline M. White b. 1877 m. Harvey Banford Brewster
           Hannah Jane White b. 1881 m. Herbert Edward Peters
           Beecher Edmund White b. 1888 m. Mabel LeBarron
      Cooledge, Lydia and their children lived on the border area of Aroostook County and New Brunswick, some of the descendants moved to the Penobscot, Kennebec and Androscoggin area of Maine - others remained in the Aroostook and Washington County.
       ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ****
      Gabriel Boullie / Bulley b. 1835 m. Rachael Cochran (dau. of Alexander Cochran and Olive Parks of Caribou)
       Their children were: 
          Thomas Bulley
           Bert Bulley b. 1872
           Cyril Bulley b. 1858 m. Clara ??
           Frank Bulley b. 1864
           Harvey Bulley b. 1866
           Charles Pearle Bulley b. 1869 m. Minerva Belle Suitter (dau. of John Suitter and Sarah Brackett)
           Alice Julia Boulie / Bulley b. 1876 m. James W. Hoyt
           Frederick Boullie / Bulley b. 1878 m. Susan Jane Clarke
           Arthur Bulley b. 1880
           Earl Bulley
           Ivan Bulley
      Gabriel and Rachael settled in the Monticello, Maine area.  Many of their children and their descendants are in New Brunswick and Maine.  I know some settled in Aroostook, Penobscot, Kennebec and Cumberland Counties.
       ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* **
       John W. Suitter b. 1831-1833 m. Sarah Brackett b. abt 1850
       Their children were :
           Minerva Belle Suitter b. 1871 m. Charles Pearle Boullie / Bulley
           Sylvanus N. Suitter b. 1874 m. Bertha M. James
           Grace Suitter b. bef. 1885 m. John K. Morang
      John W. Suitter m2. Lydia Harden Todd
           Their son was:
           Mark E. Suitter b. 1897
      John Suitter lived in the areas of Amity, Houlton and Hodgdon, Maine.   I know the families of Minerva, Sylvanus, and Grace moved to the area of Randolph, Gardiner, and Pittston, Maine.  Most of the descendants are still in Kennebec County.  I know nothing of Mark E. Suitter.   
      ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ******

      Come and meet your “cousins”, Diana would like to have this become an annual event, so that we can get to know our heritage and extended families; before all of the “older generations” are gone and the second / third / fourth generations contacts are lost, because they did not know of each other.

      The Sportsman’s Club is just off the 295 Gardiner, Maine exit .  There is plenty of room to park, a great area to socialize with other cousins, water access for your boats, swimming area for adults and children, a great area for children with indoor access if the weather is bad.

      Talk with other members of your family - if they did not receive an invitation let them know they are invited too, I just didn’t have their address (or name).

      Bring yourselves - your family your lunch and spend the day with us

      For further information you can contact:

      Diana Hutchings @ 207-582-6148

      Grgrammydi@webtv. net


      Angel Bittues @ 207-441-4446

      Abitomaine@peoplepc .com

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