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Waldoboro cemeteries,... continued

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  • Benner
    Hi Renee, Many years ago I remember a guy who was looking in South Waldoboro for the Kaler monument. The monument supposedly had the name Charles Kaler
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2006
      Hi Renee,
      Many years ago I remember a guy who was looking in South Waldoboro for the Kaler monument. The monument supposedly had the name "Charles Kaler" engraved on it, or so the story goes.
      I think the guy who was looking for this monument was Harold Kaler. I believe I was acting president of the Broad Bay Family History Association at the time. I did an internet search for a Harold Kaler and came up with three or four matches. However, I find none listed in any phone book. I wonder if this guy's still living? I wonder if he found what he was looking for? No one I've talked to remembers the final outcomb of his quest.
      Well, a month ago I found three white marble gravestones in the back of an old farmer's back field in South Waldoboro. He'd been living there for 45 years and had always remembered the stones as always laying flat on the ground. He claims to have never had any interest and never touched them. One stone was face down but they were also completely covered, buried by years of decaying mulch of grass, weeds and leaves. One stone is of very poor quality and should not be touched. If this guy had died and I didn't act on a hunch I would never have "found" these and no one would have ever known these three gravestones were even there.
      Anyway, I believe these to be the gravestones Harold Kaler might have been looking for;

      Charles William Caler 1795-June 3,1887 @92yrs. (son of Charles & Mary (Weaver) Kaler)

      Mary (________) Kaler d.Nov.28,1848 @53y1m (wife of Charles Kaler)

      Capt. Albert S. Caler d.Aug.1,1850 @28yrs.

      Charles' wife, Mary, died. Down the road, Isaac Winchenbach also died at about the same time. In short time, the widow of Isaac Winchenbach, Sarah, married widower Charles Caler. They then both lived in her house which is the old Winchenbach cape just north of Sweetland Cemetery and set back away from the road. Though Charles still owned his other house further south of the Sweetland Cemetery, his son occupied it until his death. It was then sold into another branch of the Winchenbach family.

      Eventually, Charles' second wife, Sarah, dies and was buried next to her first husband, Isaac Winchenbach, in the small roadside Winchenbach Cemetery just south of where the Finntown Road is. Charles, after his death, was buried beside his first wife, Mary, at his old farm in South Waldoboro, which was at that time owned and operated by the Winchenbach family.

      Most of the males in these families were seafaring fishermen or sea captains.

      Deed research was done at Wiscasset Registry of Deeds by Debbie (Benner) Walker of Union, Maine.

      Just thought you might find this interesting?

      Also;   I need assistance in locating the cemetery, (Seiders?), behind Elaine Robbin's house just past Sylvannia. No one appeared to be home at the Robbin's house, (it appeared abandoned?), nor the house way down behind this. I stopped at Beverly Slye's across the road and she/they were of little assistance. Is there anything left of either the Moravian or Sandlot Cemeteries that I could get a G.P.S. reading on and any stones visible to copy? Does anyone have the transcriptions available that I may copy of the expedition down there of about twelve years ago? This is about all I have left to do as far as finishing the book!

      -mark benner-




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