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RE: Who on this list came from Broad Bay?

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  • bluesma36
    If you have a family member listed here, please copy the list to your outgoing e-mail and highlight their name(s) and return to bluesma36@hotmail.com Also, if
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004
      If you have a family member listed here, please copy the list to your
      outgoing e-mail and highlight their name(s) and return to
      Also, if you have any information about where and when your ancestor
      joined the Kings Rangers, please include that as well.
      Thank you.

      Muster Roll of the following Disbanded officers, Discharged soldiers
      and their respective families of His Majestys late First Battalion of
      Kings Rangers that are now settled and preparing to Settle on the
      Island of Saint John (Prince Edward Island), taken 12th day of June
      Samuel Hayden Captain Lot 47
      Edward Mainwaring Captain do [ditto]
      John Throckmorton Lieutenant Lot 50
      John Robins Ensign Lot 26
      Peter Anderson Ensign Lot 47
      Joseph Beers Ensign lot 50
      Alexander Smith Adjutant Lot 47
      Lewis Davis Surgeon none
      Alexander Campbell Serjeant Lot 50
      Peter Musick Serjeant Lot 47
      Denis Keef Serjeant Lot 57
      John Browne Serjeant Lot 57
      John Gallispee Serjeant Lot 50
      James Marshall Corporal Lot 47
      Daniel Kennedy Corporal Lot 47
      Michael Malone Corporal Lot 47
      Hugh Pebbles Corporal Lot 47
      Samuel Kenney Corporal Lot 47
      George Stilkey Corporal

      William Markes Drummer Lot 47
      Martin Dwyer Drummer Lot 47
      John Aldershaw
      [E. Belshaw (?)] Private Lot 50
      James Crocket Private Lot 50
      Henry Gray Private Lot 50
      Timothy Sylvester Private Lot 50
      Thomas Trout(Prought,Praught) Private Lot 50
      Frederick Prout(Praught) Private Lot 50
      John Acorn Private Lot 50
      Thomas Dwyer Private Lot 47
      Michael Martin Private Lot 47
      Daniel Roper(?) Private Lot 47
      John Baker Private Lot 47
      Peter Rose Private Lot 47
      Francis Reilly Private Lot 47
      Francis Lackey Private Lot 47
      Thomas Landrican(?) Private Lot 47
      Augustus Hilcash Private Lot 47
      Henry Rollins Private Lot 47
      John Camp(?) Private Lot 47
      Joseph Ferdinando Private Lot 47
      John Smith Private Lot 47
      Samuel Braddock Volunteer Lot 47
      John Murphy do [Private] Lot 47
      Matthew Gegg(?) do Gone a fishing
      John Dowland do Gone a fishing
      Thomas Shoemaker do Lot 47
      Josh Merider(?) do Lot 47
      Morris Docherty do Lot 47
      Henry Connors do Lot 47
      James Henderson do Lot 47
      John Casey do Lot 47
      John Sullivan do Lot 47
      John Donahue do -----

      Moses Graham do Lot 47
      Emmanuel Gray do do
      Thomas Marsh do do
      Thomas Smith do do
      John Corcen(?) do do
      Daniel Godfrey do do
      James Sheane do do
      Denis McFale do do
      Jonothan Dickinson do do
      Michael Grearly do does not settle on the island.
      John Jackson do Lot 47
      Michael Keefer do do
      Daniel Wall do do
      Aaron Deval(?) do do
      Bowen Watts do does not intend to settle.
      John Gibbons do do
      Charles Hooper do do
      William Hales do absent
      Alexander Lawson do Princetown
      George Jakes do Charlottetown
      Daniel Woods do does not intend to settle.
      Henry Seamann do gone a fishing
      Iamus Pattin(?) do Princetown
      Emmanuel Joseph Private Fishing
      William Webly do Gone to Halifax
      William Armstrong do Gone to [ ]
      William Day do do
      Edmund Meade do indolent characters & Tradesman.
      William Craven do do
      John Miller do gone to Boston
      Patrick Keefe do Gone a fishing.
      Hayden's Company of King's Rangers E-mail: candidus @...
      Copyright © 1997
      Thanks to Drew Smith and Tom Briggs who contributed greatly to this
      Muster Roll: Public Archives of Nova Scotia.
      Thanks to Leonard Praught of Halifax NS for pointing out an often-
      cited name of "Thomas Prout" which should actually read "Thomas Trout"

      [Only 10 assigned to Lot 50 with John Acorn]my husband's ancestor
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