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  • Ejk474@aol.com
    Feb 2, 2000
      Hello Jeanne,

      I don't think the OBBFHA is too active anymore. I joined in 1998 in an
      attempt to get information on John Frederick Pracht (Prock) and Susanna
      Wagner whom I believe are my ggg grandparents but communication is at a
      virtual standstill.

      I received two issues of the "Bund und Blatt", the last being for Quarter 1 -
      1999. Your third cousin, Renee, promised to get more current and have
      another issue out by June 1999 but I never got one.

      I have had very little luck in getting any of the officers of the OBBFHA to
      respond to my inqueries. Mr. WW Whitaker has taken little interest in this
      venture since his book was published in April 1998.

      If you have any information on the Prachts(Procks) or Wagners, I'd appreciate
      hearing from you.


      Ed Kelley
      (Now live in California but used to Summer at Sebago Lake as a kid)
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