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  • Jeanne Martin-Chown
    Feb 2, 2000
      Hello! Would any of you know if the Old Broad Bay Family History Project is
      still an on-going concern? My third cousin, Renee Seiders of Damariscotta,
      was one of the founding members and the project was in conjunction with the
      LDS. This was several years ago. I went on a day out that they sponsored
      where we went into the woods and revealed old gravestones from the original
      settlement and then a tour of the German Lutheran Church in Waldoboro which
      they opened just for us and we could see our ancestors' original pews! My
      emails to my cousin have not been answered so I'll write her land mail.
      Although a native Mainer and doing genealogy for years, I have been living
      in England for the past five years. Last summer when we visited Maine I
      finally got the last of my stuff out of storage including my genealogy
      material and local and family history books. What a relief to finally have
      access to it again! Prior to that I had to make due with some photocopies
      from the originals I had made and brought with me. Unfortunately, there was
      nothing from the OBBFHP in my materials. I don't know if they were tossed
      out or simply misplaced. Anyway, my primary German name is SEIDERS. That
      was my grandmother's maiden name. They lived in South Bristol and nearby
      towns. If anyone knows if the Old Broad Bay Family History Project still
      exists or what happened to it, I'd be pleased to hear. I've been reading
      with interest postings on this site for a while now. Thanks! - Jeanne
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