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317Re: [BroadBayMEGen] City, Town, County Records

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  • Sarahlou28@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2008
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      To the group:

      I am interested in this new compilation of Waldoboro vital records, but I'm afraid I have become quite confused by the back-and-forth replies so far which include previous messages.  I am starting a fresh email here -- hope it works.  When I clicked on the "Reply to" line in one of the previous messages I got some kind of member profile with no obvious way to send an email.

      A few years ago I went to the Waldoboro town hall and was given access to what I was told were the only vital records still left after a fire some time before.  There were several large books, as I recall, and most of the records seemed to be marriages.  There was also a list of grave records apparently put together by volunteers who went to the cemeteries and copied out information.  My assumption was that this was done after the death records were lost, in an attempt to fill in some blanks.

      I later sent for the LDS microfilm of Waldoboro records at my local LDS library.  This turned out to have no additional information.  It seemed like the exact same pages, but some could possibly have been missing -- I was looking for anything new.

      Would anybody be able to tell me if I would get any additional information by ordering the book or CD?  I guess you would if the family Bibles in question happened to belong to your family, or if they went to one of the mentioned churches.  But as Germans, wouldn't they have attended the now-closed German church?  Does anybody know what the dates are on the church information provided?

      The fact that this book is completely indexed would be a major improvement in itself.

      Any advice here would be very welcome.

      Sarah Tiberi
      Medfield, Mass.

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