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314Re: [BroadBayMEGen] City, Town, County Records

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  • Richard D. Warner
    Feb 7, 2008

      I suggest that you order a copy of  "Vital Records of Waldoboro" 2008 by Marlene Groves from Picton Press and a copy of  "Town of Waldoboro, 1714-1892" on CD.

      "Vital Records of Waldoboro," compiled by Marlene and painstakingly edited by Dianna Overlock Sewell, is the first and only transcription of Waldoboro vital records that can be relied upon for its accuracy.  However, I also suggest that you pick-up a copy of the CD so you can cite the original records as your source.

      "Broad Bay Pioneers" is rife with inaccuracies and should be avoided as a reliable source.   I have only recently begun to cite specific errors in "Broad Bay Pioneers" in my database, The Master Genealogist.  The following is one of over 30 erroneous citations to date:

      "A List of Certificates of Marriages in the Town of Waldoborough from March 1795 to April 1796...Antonia [sic] Hofses [sic] to Elizebeth [sic] Winchenbah [sic],..." by Augusts Reitz...A true extract from Revd August [sic] Reitz [Rev. Friedrich Augustus Rodolphus Benedictus "Augustus" Ritz, pastor, Lutheran Church, Waldoboro, ME.]

      Note: "1796, April [sic], Antonia Nosser [sic] to Elezebeth [sic] Winchenbak [sic], both of Waldoborough [sic].  By Agustus [sic] Reitz.  At Waldoborough," cited in the typescript, Waldoboro Marriages 1773-1834, p. 8, is an incorrect transcription of the original record [cf. Original Records of Maine Towns and Cities, Town of Waldoboro, 1714-1892, (CD-ROM, Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 2005), Town Records, Births, Deaths, and Marriages, 1735-1806, p. 314 of 785; and Births, Deaths, Marriages & Cemetery Records, 1714-1892, (typescript), p. 631 of 785].

      Marriage of the fictitious "Antonio Nosser" to an equally fictitious Elizabeth Winchenbach is cited in Whitaker and Horlacher's Broad Bay Pioneers (a generally unreliable work, in which few sources are cited), p. 445: "Elizabeth Winchenbach b abt 1777 Waldoboro.  She md April [sic] 1796 Antonio Nosser in Waldoboro."

      Note: marriage of the real Elizabeth Winchenbach to Anthony Hoffses appears on the facing page in Broad Bay Pioneers, p. 444: "Sarah Elizabeth Winchenbach b abt 1773 Broad Bay, d 23 May 1837 Jefferson, Lincoln, ME.  She md April 1796 Johann Anton (Anthony) Hoffses [s/o Mathias Hoffses & Margaretha Wuest]," although their marriage took place between April 1795 and April 1796, not specifically in April 1796.

      Best Wishes,

      fenchel387 wrote:

      I visited Waldoboro several years ago hoping to get information on
      Prachts (now Procks) and Wagners. Town hall personnel told me that
      the records were lost in a fire many years ago.

      My question is - were the town records deposited in the County or
      State archives anytime before the fire?

      I have a copy of Broad Bay Pioneers but have found that there are
      many errors and/or omissions, especially as they relate to the
      Prachts and Wagners.

      Over the years I have written to many of the Procks living in
      Waldoboro but none of them has ever responded. Is there anyone in
      town who can get them to write me?

      I am looking for information on John Frederick Pracht and Susanna
      Wagner. Both names appear in Broad Bay Pioneers for a brief time
      only. I believe that John Frederick joined the King's Rangers, a
      loyalist unit, along with Waldoboro youngsters and, ultimately,
      ended up in Prince Edward Island (PEI) where they were given land
      grants. Other Waldoboro names that turn up in PEI are Eichhorn
      (Acorn), Dockendorf and others.

      Any information would be very much appreciated. It's been a long
      struggle to get any information on Waldoboro residents.

      Edward Kelley
      Los Altos, California

      Richard D. Warner
      249 Broadway
      Rockland, ME 04841
      (207) 594-5702
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