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308Re: [BroadBayMEGen] Black town

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  • Benner
    Feb 4, 2008
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      Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 8:57 PM
      Subject: RE: [BroadBayMEGen] Black town

      mark, I have you seen any Schwartz/Blacks buried here. also, I don't know waldoboro well, where is Goshen rd?
      In downtown Waldoboro village

      Patty Johnson

      In downtown Waldoboro village, main street, head UP the hill. The road veers to the left and will come out onto U.S. Route One by Moody's Diner; Don't veer to that left! Instead, you should stay to the right and head further UP the hill to where Moody's Cabins is located. Keep going, you'll crest that hill, come down the other side, cross the railroad tracks, and ultimately go a couple of miles away from the village. Eventually, this will again wind up intersecting on U.S. Route One. But before you get that far, you will easily see that a tarred road, (Goshen Road), will be on your right. This will be the ONLY road that intersects on this road on your right. Turn onto this Goshen Road and you can NOT miss this cemetery on the left.
      Standing in the road, and facing the cemetery, are three sections. There are Schwartz buried here, in the middle section. However, even though there are over 363 gravestones here, there are many fieldstones and missing stones; meaning unmarked graves,

      Jacob Schwartz (subscriber, as per deed)

      (wife) Rebecca (Kaler) Schwartz


      Would this be your line? (I don't know why I sent you Waltz stuff previously.)

      -mark benner-   benner3@... 
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