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286Re: [BroadBayMEGen] Nathan Sprague genealogy

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  • Benner
    Nov 22, 2007
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 2:00 PM
      Subject: [BroadBayMEGen] Nathan Sprague genealogy

       Hi.  I'm looking for information on Nathan Sprague, who moved from
       Marshfield MA to Broad Bay/Waldoboro in 1774.  He came with family
       members and several friends -- Charles Sampson, Spooner Sprague, James
       Sprague, Zebedee Simmons, and Stephen Simmons among them.  
      He ran a tavern in Warren by 1884.
      Was his wife, Mary Miller, his second wife or first wife?  Who was his
       mother?  Was wife Mary Miller from Germany or from Marshfield?
      His daughter Mary Sprague b. 1772 (before moving to ME, it seems)
       married William Groton. 
      Their child Joseph, married Mary Ludwig (I think it was Mary.)
      Ring any bells?

      Dear nameless,
      Can't help much with the Nathan Sprague you mentioned above but have the following grave records on a few Waldoboro Groton family members....
      From the German Cemetery in Waldoboro, Maine;

      #614. George O. Genthner 1842-1919

      (wife) Eudora A. (Kaler) (Genthner) 1852-1895

      William Sprague 1787-1845

      (wife) Mary C. (Creamer) (Sprague) 1789-1871

      Angeline F. Kaler 1830-1897

      Could this William Sprague, (above), have been brother to your Nathaniel?


      Groton Cemetery, West Waldoboro, Maine, (partial listing)

      #3. William H. (Groton) “Died at sea Sept.21,1868 @49y5m.” .....(son of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

           William Harlow (Groton) d.Dec.23,1880 @29y10m (son of William H. & Mary A. Groton)

      #4. Sarah Groton d.Sept.18,1817 @30y

      #5. Taylor M. (Groton) d.Dec.10,1837 @3m (son of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

      #6. Susan E. Groton d.Aug.23,1849 @6y8m (dau. of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

      #7. Joseph H. Groton “Died at Havre, France April 4,1851 @18y4m20d. Body exhumed and

      brought back to this country by Capt. G. W. Robinson in the barque “Nomad.”

      .....(son of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

      #8. Capt. Nathaniel G. Groton d.Jan.21,1865 @42y3m11d

      #9. Joseph Groton d.Aug.9,1873 @80y5m

      #10. Mary L. (Ludwig) (Groton) d.Feb.25,1892 @90y3m13d

      ......(dau. of Jacob & Susan (Hutchins) Ludwig and wife of Joseph Groton)

      #11. Margaret Groton d.April2,1804 @8y5m15d (dau. of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

      #12. Mary Susan (Groton) d.July 26,1832 @5y8m11d (dau. of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

      #13. Elizabeth K. (Groton) d.Aug.6,1832 @3y3m (dau. of Joseph & Mary (Ludwig) Groton)

      #14. Isaac C. Groton “Graduated at Bowdoin College 1821, died Jan.23,1833 @34 yrs.”

      #16. Sarah A. (Groton) (McCobb) d.June 10,1835 @31y (wife of Capt. Denny McCobb, Jr.)

      #17. William Groton d.May 30,1845 @77y2m

      #18. Mary A. (Sprague) (Groton) d.Sept.5,1849 @77y


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