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271Re: Lutheran church/Moravian mission

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  • benner55
    Feb 4, 2007
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      Subject: Lutheran church/Moravian mission
      Hello, all! I have been in touch with descendants of Seiders from
      county who have gone to other parts of the country. Could anyone
      help me
      help them by supplying the exact location of the old Moravian
      mission and
      the old Lutheran church that was on the site next to it? Years
      ago I was
      with a group who went into the woods (now on private land) and saw
      the only
      remaining gravestones (Conrad and Elizabeth Seiders) from the
      cemetery that
      existed prior to the relocation of the church. Was that route
      220?? I
      would like to be of more help to these people, and it would be
      good for my
      own records, too, than to only be able to say "somewhere in the
      woods in
      Waldoboro"! Any help very much appreciated! Thanks! - Jeanne

      I think your geography is a little mixed up?
      The Moravian Mission and the first location of the Lutheran church
      locations are on the EAST side of the Medomak River, which is on
      Route 220 South. This Lutheran church was shortly later
      dissassembled and moved upstream and across the Medomak River to its
      present location, off Route 32 South. All that remain at these two
      old, original sites are the remnants of a handfull of shattered
      gravestones; Those of a Godfried Feyler and the young girl,
      Katharina Storer. There is no trace of any Moravian Mission, which
      was on the next lot over today, next to the river.
      Now, this Seider's Cemetery you talk about, is on the WEST side of
      the Medomak River, on the Dutch Neck Road, off Route 32 South. Deed
      research tells me that Conrad and Elizabeth were buried on their OWN
      property. This property was NOT the location of any church. However,
      Meeting House Cove was the location of an old church in the mid
      1700's, yes, but that was on the next lot EAST from Conrad Seider's.
      The exact location of this church and the old burying ground is
      unknown, even today. One old gravestone reportedly retrieve from
      here was taken to the present day German Church and has been on
      display ever since.
      I hope this makes things a little more clearer?
      I have been to all four of these locations as late as one month ago.
      -mark benner-
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