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  • Lynn914@xxx.xxx
    Jul 13, 1999
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      Hello Bob,
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      a few days as more people join us.
      Thanks for posting our first query.

      Lynn Whitney

      << From: RCBrooks <rcbrooks@...>

      Johannes Jakob Die´┐Ż a.k.a. Jacob Dice or Dyce left his name at Dices
      Head in Castine. He came from the Palatine [?] ca 1752 to
      Boston/Braintree thence (unmarried) to Broad Bay, thence to Fort Pownall
      (Stockton Springs) ca. 1759-1761, thence to Majabigwaduce (Castine)
      until ca. 1783 when he preceded the Loyalist evacuation and went to
      London where he made a claim for his losses during the war.

      Along the way, he picked up a wife named Hannah. Who was she. What
      happened to them after the RevWar? >>
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