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194RE: [BroadBayMEGen] Johannes Dietrich Birckenbeul

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  • Raymond Berkebile
    Mar 18, 2003

      Thanks for the quick response. In the text of my message I have all the
      information that I know pertaining to Deitrich. What I would like to
      know - Is there any additional information included in the book which
      pertains to him and his stay. If it is just the same citing, then all I
      would need is the page number for a reference. But if it includes
      significant information then I will probably purchase the book. Take
      your time. I am exploring many leads on my lineage. I am trying to
      piece the entire Birkenbeuhl lineage together which dates back to 1595.
      I am trying to trace the five bothers and their descendants. I
      appreciate any help you can render.


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      From: Prentice Alexander [mailto:ss392@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 6:13 PM
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      Your man is listed in Broad Bay Pioneers and I have a copy of the book.
      you will tell me what you are looking for and give me a little time I
      do what I can for you.
      Prentice Alexander
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      > Paula:
      > Thanks for the try. Like I said in my original posting, I just
      > of Johann Dietrich Birkenbeuel, 33. Apparently he is cited in the
      > "Broad Bay Pioneers" arriving in the Broad Bay area in 1752 on the
      > the 'St Andrew' with his wife Elisabetha Catharina (Pfenning), 29, his
      > son Johann Heinrich, 4 (died at sea?)and his daughter Maria
      > 1.
      > His four brothers arrived in the Philadelphia port at various times.
      > Johannes Andreas Birkenbeil, Johannes Christen Birkingbey, Johannes
      > Gerhart Birkengbeyly, and Johann Jacob Birki. The latter three dates
      > and ships of immigration are well documented. Andreas' port and time
      > immigration is still being researched. He is documented in the
      > Area and his descendants (ME) migrated to PA, MD VA, WVA OH and points
      > beyond. The others have similar migration patterns.
      > During the time since immigration the surname has mutated even within
      > the same generation. Descendants include people of Berkebile,
      > Birkenbeul, Birckebeul, Bergebeil, Berkbill, Perkipile, Perkipeal,
      > Purkipile, Purkibile, Berkeybile, Purkey, Pirkey, Perkey, Berkinbine,
      > etc...
      > I have not seen any reference to Dietrich in the PA or MD records yet.
      > This is why he either stayed in Broad Bay or migrated to another
      > location.
      > With his citing in this book I tried to acquire it or located in the
      > local library through interlibrary loan. I searched the entire state
      > PA. Sadly this state has not purchased a copy as of yet. I priced it
      > through Picton Press(?) it is $69. I was hoping someone could look in
      > it in Maine of Massachuttes where I am sure many copies exist. Please
      > let me know if there is any valuable information pertaining to the
      > Birkenbeul family. I hate to shell out $69 for the same information I
      > already have found on the net.
      > Once again thanks;
      > Ray Berkebile
      > raymond.berkebile@...
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      > From: Paula Harvard [mailto:pmharv@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 5:10 PM
      > To: BroadBayMEGen@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [BroadBayMEGen] Johannes Dietrich Birckenbeul
      > Hi Ray,
      > Stopped at the Lincoln Co. Courthouse this afternoon to see if perhaps
      > could turn up a deed or will for your Birkenbeul.
      > Checked Registry of Deeds A-Z Indexes for 1761-1784, 1784-1794, and
      > 1784-1802...using all the regular and inventive spelling I could
      > up
      > with no result. The same proved true in Probate. If they were in Broad
      > Bay,
      > they may not have stayed long....or....perhaps they changed their name
      > significantly. I did find Burke, Burkett, and Burkart.
      > You might query someone to search the York Co.Courthouse for you, as
      > those
      > records are a bit earlier than Lincoln Co.
      > Best,
      > Paula McLain Harvard
      > Woolwich, Maine
      > Researching McLains of all spellings
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