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192RE: [BroadBayMEGen] Johannes Dietrich Birckenbeul

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  • Raymond Berkebile
    Mar 18, 2003
      Thanks for the try. Like I said in my original posting, I just learned
      of Johann Dietrich Birkenbeuel, 33. Apparently he is cited in the book
      "Broad Bay Pioneers" arriving in the Broad Bay area in 1752 on the ship
      the 'St Andrew' with his wife Elisabetha Catharina (Pfenning), 29, his
      son Johann Heinrich, 4 (died at sea?)and his daughter Maria Margaretha,

      His four brothers arrived in the Philadelphia port at various times.
      Johannes Andreas Birkenbeil, Johannes Christen Birkingbey, Johannes
      Gerhart Birkengbeyly, and Johann Jacob Birki. The latter three dates
      and ships of immigration are well documented. Andreas' port and time of
      immigration is still being researched. He is documented in the Maryland
      Area and his descendants (ME) migrated to PA, MD VA, WVA OH and points
      beyond. The others have similar migration patterns.

      During the time since immigration the surname has mutated even within
      the same generation. Descendants include people of Berkebile,
      Birkenbeul, Birckebeul, Bergebeil, Berkbill, Perkipile, Perkipeal,
      Purkipile, Purkibile, Berkeybile, Purkey, Pirkey, Perkey, Berkinbine,

      I have not seen any reference to Dietrich in the PA or MD records yet.
      This is why he either stayed in Broad Bay or migrated to another

      With his citing in this book I tried to acquire it or located in the
      local library through interlibrary loan. I searched the entire state of
      PA. Sadly this state has not purchased a copy as of yet. I priced it
      through Picton Press(?) it is $69. I was hoping someone could look in
      it in Maine of Massachuttes where I am sure many copies exist. Please
      let me know if there is any valuable information pertaining to the
      Birkenbeul family. I hate to shell out $69 for the same information I
      already have found on the net.

      Once again thanks;
      Ray Berkebile


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      Hi Ray,
      Stopped at the Lincoln Co. Courthouse this afternoon to see if perhaps I
      could turn up a deed or will for your Birkenbeul.
      Checked Registry of Deeds A-Z Indexes for 1761-1784, 1784-1794, and
      1784-1802...using all the regular and inventive spelling I could conjure
      with no result. The same proved true in Probate. If they were in Broad
      they may not have stayed long....or....perhaps they changed their name
      significantly. I did find Burke, Burkett, and Burkart.
      You might query someone to search the York Co.Courthouse for you, as
      records are a bit earlier than Lincoln Co.
      Paula McLain Harvard
      Woolwich, Maine

      Researching McLains of all spellings

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