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191Re: [BroadBayMEGen] Johannes Dietrich Birckenbeul

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  • Paula Harvard
    Mar 18, 2003
      Hi Ray,
      Stopped at the Lincoln Co. Courthouse this afternoon to see if perhaps I
      could turn up a deed or will for your Birkenbeul.
      Checked Registry of Deeds A-Z Indexes for 1761-1784, 1784-1794, and
      1784-1802...using all the regular and inventive spelling I could conjure up
      with no result. The same proved true in Probate. If they were in Broad Bay,
      they may not have stayed long....or....perhaps they changed their name
      significantly. I did find Burke, Burkett, and Burkart.
      You might query someone to search the York Co.Courthouse for you, as those
      records are a bit earlier than Lincoln Co.
      Paula McLain Harvard
      Woolwich, Maine

      Researching McLains of all spellings
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