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170Re: [BroadBayMEGen] Lutheran church/Moravian mission

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  • Jeanne Martin-Chown
    May 17, 2002
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      Thanks so much for your offer of help, Doreen.  I certainly appreciate it.  Below is an excerpt from an email I received recently:
      "Jeanne, I also have more info on gravestones of Cornelius and Elizabeth - they are separate from rest of Seiders
      Gravestones - Near Dutchneck/Gross Neck intersection Waldoboro, ME of Cornelius and Elizabeth Leissner
      In memory of Mr. Cornelius Seiders
      who departed this life
      Sept. 12, 1814
      Aged 75 years
      In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Seiders
      wife of
      Mr. Cornelius Seiders
      who departed this life
      Feb. 12, 1803
      Aged 58 years.
      These two graves are located where the original Church/meeting house was. The land is currently owned by Sherman Smith. We have relatives that have visited the gravesites. They were looking for the Seiders' plot when they took a wrong turn and stopped at Smith's home for directions and told him what they were looking for. He said if you are looking for Seiders I have two here on my land. Seems originally the church/meeting house was located there but when the pond froze over they moved it across the ice to the other side. These graves were left behind."  (from  Jackie Finch in Texas )
      Sorry for the blue print!
      There has always been a bit of confusion over Conrad and Cornelius.
      Can anyone confirm/ be more specific on the grave sites?  Hmm, wish I had GPS!
      Thanks so much!  - Jeanne
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      I am going to be in Waldoboro on Sat for  a MOCA meeting.

      Send info known and I will see what I can find, time permitting.

      Doreen Crocker

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