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168Lutheran church/Moravian mission

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  • Jeanne Martin-Chown
    May 16, 2002
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      Subject: Lutheran church/Moravian mission

      Hello, all! I have been in touch with descendants of Seiders from Lincoln
      county who have gone to other parts of the country. Could anyone help me
      help them by supplying the exact location of the old Moravian mission and
      the old Lutheran church that was on the site next to it? Years ago I was
      with a group who went into the woods (now on private land) and saw the only
      remaining gravestones (Conrad and Elizabeth Seiders) from the cemetery that
      existed prior to the relocation of the church. Was that route 220?? I
      would like to be of more help to these people, and it would be good for my
      own records, too, than to only be able to say "somewhere in the woods in
      Waldoboro"! Any help very much appreciated! Thanks! - Jeanne

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