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  • Someone has taken New York and Anna's Mothership and the Visitors are not the ones who did it. Can the left behind humans and Visitors find who done it? Should this story crossover with the DC miniseries, Convergence? That is your decision.
    Michael Bozzone Aug 12
  • How many people will see a V reboot or Second Generation movie?
    Michael Bozzone Jul 15
  • Convergence is done, but there is still no V comic book from DC Comics. DC should have a V comic book, even if it adapt V: The Second Generation. I wouldn't mind a V 2009 or a 1983 V comic that continue from those cancelled series. Let me know what you think.
    mbozzo2002@... Jun 16
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  • May is the second month of Convergence. One of the worlds that should be included in the world of the original V. Should the world of V: The Second Generation or V 2009 be included as well? Let me know what you think>
    Michael Bozzone May 3
  • This month is the beginning of the weekly miniseries, Convergence from DC Comics. What does that have to do with V? Well, there was a 18 issues V comics from DC, when the television was on. V should have been one of the universes visited in that miniseries. How many people feel that way? Should The 2009 V series and V: The Second Generation crossover as well. Let me know what you...
    Michael Bozzone Apr 2
  • March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day. Let pray that we'll get a new V movie or miniseries based either the 1983 V or the 2009 V, by this time, next year.
    Michael Bozzone Mar 10
  • I would like to see a new V movie or miniseries this year.
    mbozzo2002@... Feb 5
  • How many people want to see a new V movie or miniseries this year?
    Michael Bozzone Jan 9
  • How many people want to see a new V movie or series by Christmas 2015?
    Michael Bozzone Dec 2, 2014
  • Have any of you heard the news about the ex-husband of Faye Grant? They say that he has done terrible things to young girls. It might have caused him to lose Fay Grant. Does anyone in this yahoogroup believe the rumor?
    Michael Bozzone Nov 7, 2014