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this is not spam plz reed and stop injustes on a place so close to my heart

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    this is not spam plz reed and stop injustes on a place so close to my heart write on the potition for sakchai so tht we can get him home (he will b deported
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2006
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      this is not spam plz reed and stop injustes on a place so close to my heart
      write on the potition for sakchai so tht we can get him home (he will b deported from london by the weekend to thailand where he dusnt speak a word of the language!)

      go 2 www.shetlink.com click on shetland news, then deportation. register an acount and leave a post sayin wat u thnk. heres more info.

      This morning in an early morning Grampian(we think) police raid, 23 year old Sakchai Makao of Haldane Burgess Crescent was taken into custody and transferred from Shetland to and Aberdeen as "an illegal immigrant with a criminal record" for subsequent deportation to Thailand within five days.

      He will be transferred tomorrow from Glasgow to a detention centre in London to await deportation to Thailand this weekend. He has no family in that country and does not speak the language. Furthermore if he is deported he faces the immediate possiblity of being conscripted into the army in Thailand.

      Sakchai has lived in Shetland for thirteen years, having moved here with his family at that time. His father died here in 2001 and his mother and sister now live in London. He has worked for most of that time in the Clickimin Centre swimming pool and is well liked throughout the whole community.

      Sakchai has a Thai Passport and, according to his family, has a visa which allows him to stay indefinatley in this country. He served a short prison sentence in 2004 for "arson", a label and sentence that many of us still feel was totally unjust.

      I understand that he was in the process of applying for a UK passport and it may be that this has brought him to the attention of the Home Office.

      This is being done as part of this Labour Government's 'round-up' of undesirable illegal aliens. I leave you to form your own opinion of them - I know I now firmly have mine, but its not for printing here.

      We are in the process of appointing him a lawyer qualified in immigration matters, our MP and MSP are firmly on the case and we have already attracted, and hopefully will continue to attract, widespread local and national media attention to his case. He also has the full support of his employers Shetland Recreational Trust.

      Brian - is is possible to set up some kind of on-line petition to support Sakchai so that we can let everyone know how appauled and upset we are by this process and to let him and his family know that his friends in Shetland are firmly behind him. We have set up one on Yahoo at nodeportationfromshetland@... Please sign on and show your support if you can.

      Sakchai is Shetland through and through (he even represented us at the Island Games last year) and I / we simply refuse to sit back and allow this to happen.

      This Labour government (who I long supported but no longer that's for sure) cannnot be allowed to return us to the days of McCarthy in 50's America and Sakchai does not deserve to be treated in this way. Much of what has happened today is against basic human rights if nothing else.

      I am hopefully going to be back in touch with him later and will keep you posted re any developments(currently they wont even allow him to have his phone on, and have not as yet allowed him to contact his family, or done so on his behalf)

      Cheers for any help any of you can offer.

      David Gardner
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