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  • brandi bastian
    Apr 8, 2011


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      Subject: ShopTNA - Spring Cleaning and More.....
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      Date: Friday, April 8, 2011, 6:37 PM

      ShopTNA's Road Notes
      Hey Ya'll,
      Welcome again to TNA’s Road Notes. In working with TNA Wrestling we get to travel and see many parts of the world. We wanted to share our travels with all ShopTNA.com customers along with special deals, recommendations and contests. I know, enough of the intro, you're ready to read about April!
      • In this issue:
      • Spring Cleaning Sale
      • New Products
      • Don's Latest Deals
      • Give Me A Discount!!
      • TNAOnDemand.com?
      Spring Cleaning
      Did you know the month of April is ShopTNA's spring cleaning month? I made the mistake and gave "Cart Blanch" to Don and Jimmy Jay (High Five) but my mistake is your gain. They are slashing prices & making deals to move out the old and bring in the new. There are also several new items that have seen price adjustments as well. Be sure to visithttp://shoptna.com/spring.aspx and see for yourself.

      New Products
      ShopTNA is continues to add new products and below is just a sample of the latest arrivals into the TNA Wrestling mega store.

      On top of the items listed above we have Mick Foley's Limited Hardcore Edition Comic Book, Jeff Hardy Dog Tags, and Don is also offering the complete 2009 DVD set which includes the AJ Styles Legend of the Ring action figure.

      Don's Latest Deals
      Don recently added 10 exclusive Framed and Matted autographed photo plaques. These autographs are not on some cheesy decal, but are indeed hand signed by each wrestler onto the photo directly. The photo is then Framed and drop shipped by our trusted partners at Stacks Of Plaques out of Florida. At $34.99 they are an incredible deal. Pictures do not do them justice they really have to be seen in person to appreciate the quality.

      For a complete list of the plaques visit http://shoptna.com/ap.aspx but find a few samples below.

      Jeff Hardy
      Jeff Hardy
      Velvet Sky
      Velvet Sky
      Give Me A Discount
      Blah Blah Blah....yes I get it it...enough with the sales pitch I just want the discount. I want to make sure everyone has a discount no matter where they are located so I am going to offer 3 different discounts
      1. US Residents it's April and I no there are no fools that shop at ShopTNA so for the remainder of the weekend use the Discount code NOTFOOLED and receive an additional 15% off of the already slammed prices
      2. Canadian residents. Paying those shipping prices to Canada just doesn't make sense to you or to me. So for the remainder of the weekend purchase at least $60 worth of physical merchandise (IE no MP3's are counted) and use the discount code FREECANADA and we'll ship your package for FREE. Of course you will still be responsible for all duties and taxes.
      3. International customers, I too think you deserve the same deal our Canadian neighbors receive so for the remainder of the weekend purchase at least $60 worth of physical merchandise (IE no MP3's are counted) and use the Discount code FREEWORLD and we will also ship your package for free. Once again you will also be responsible for all duties and taxes that your country would bestow upon you.
      I want to make sure everyone knows thatTNAOnDemand.com wants to be "your" TNAOnDemand. Where we are allowed to stream what you want when you want. You have the option to purchase PPVs and watch from your very own computer. Not only that, but they have begun to release footage that up until now has not been available any where. Visit TNAOnDemand.com and check it out today. There's free footage, Monthly subscriptions along with PPV options as well. They are listening to your sugestions and working to make them a reality.
      Lockdown will be streaming live on TNAOnDemand April 17, 2011 and Velvet Sky will be chatting with everyone that is watching the PPV at TNAOnDenand.com during the event. To see if it is available in your country and to make the purchase visit http://tnaondemand.com/launch.html?oid=132&ap=1&vidid=25149
      UK Customers
      Unfortunately we are unable to stream our live PPVs to the UK, but we wanted to make sure you were able to participate in the chat with Velvet so visithttp://shoptna.com/uk-vip-chat-package.aspx to learn more about the package TNAOnDemand.com has put together for you.
      Fact of the Month
      (credit: Ohio Fast Facts and Trivia)
      Being that Cincinnati, OH is where we will be heading in a week for TNA's Lockdown 2011 Pay-Per View we thought it's be interesting to note a few fun facts about Cincinnati, OH
      1. "Hang On Sloopy" is the official state rock song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO2Y2sGZ1dk) Really?
      2. The first ambulance service was established in Cincinnati in 1865.
      3. Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team.
      See ya soon,

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