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Android app for brew day (free, or $2.99 for ad-free version)

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  • Donald
    This looks like an alternative to the BeerSmith 2 Lite app for Android. It has many of the functions that the BeerSmith app has only this one is free. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2012
      This looks like an alternative to the BeerSmith 2 Lite app for Android. It has many of the functions that the BeerSmith app has only this one is free. The Beersmith 2 Lite is $3.99. It's not a lot, but if you get what you need from this free app, you may decide you don't need the other one.

      This app reads any beer recipe in BeerXML format.

      This one is ad-supported with small adverts at the bottom. The ad-free version is $2.99.

      Search for BrewAide in the Google Play store and you will see this one as well as BeerSmith 2 Lite in your search results in Google Play.

      Here's a review of the app:


      It doesn't allow you to create or modify recipes, but it does have many great features. The best thing about it is that, even if you end up buying the ad-free version, you have an extended trial version of sorts, or you can just use it with the ads if you don't feel like payinf $2.99 for it. I believe this one came out before BeerSmith 2 Lite because the review above said it was the only one that would read Beersmith 2 files (BSMX format). Certainly, the BeerSmith app would be able to read its own latest format!

      Link and description from the developer below.


      The link below worked at the time I posted this.


      BrewAide--the perfect little helper we all wish we had on brew day

      BrewAide is an app to read exported recipes from BeerSmith or any brew app supporting BeerXML. BrewAide allows you to view your recipe on brew day and provides you with all the essential tools needed throughout your brewing process. Features Include the following:
      -Recipe View
      -Brewing Steps
      -Conversion Tools
      -Refractometer, Boil-Off, Dilution, Strike Temp, Carb & Hydrometer Tools
      -Brew Day Timers
      -Dropbox folder support-requires dropbox login
      -Local Folder storage of recipes
      -Alarmed reminder for mash steps and boil additions
      -Set warning to 0,1,3, or 5 minutes before addition
      -Updating Recipes with measured data
      -BSMX file viewing
      -BeerXML file viewing*see note
      -Recipe Files with multiple recipes allowed
      -Portrait and Landscape viewing modes
      -Tablet and phone support
      -Default app for BSMX files on android
      -And More!

      Read a third-party review at http://mysticmead.com/?p=637

      Future Features will include:
      -Shopping List with substitution list

      Do to request from BeerSmith, cloud support will not be included.

      BrewAide is meant to be the expert little helper that we all wish we had on brew day. It will help you execute and achieve the perfect recipe you designed.

      Designed for 4.0 inch screens and above

      *Compatibility for BeerXML is designed according to the BeerXML.com standards, if another program exports different than those standards, app may not be able to open the file. All effort has been taken to handle all cases however it cannot be guaranteed.

      Permissions Required:
      WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE:Allows copying and updating of Recipes
      INTERNET:For Dropbox integration
      ACCESS NETWORK STATE:For Dropbox integration
      BILLING:For donations and ad removal
      BROADCAST STICKY:For Timer Alerts
      READ CALENDAR:To schedule reminders for fermentation/bottling
      WRITE CALENDAR:To schedule reminders for fermentation/bottling

      Disclaimer: BrewAide is not associated with BeerSmith in any way and is not part of the BeerSmith brand.

      BeerSmith is a trademark of BeerSmith LLC
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