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    THE STREET MIMBAR JUM’AH KHUTBAH (21 December 2007) webpage: www.geocities.com/khutbahs http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the_street_mimbar/ Suggestions &
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      JUM’AH KHUTBAH (21 December 2007)
      Suggestions & Criticisms: PLEASE e-mail: khutbahs@...
      It is in such a manner that We make plain our signs so that the course of the
      criminals may become clear.
      Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
      Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
      Maa’sharal Mu’mineen....
      During these days the attention of the hearts, the focus and the occupation of ourselves becomes the Hajj. We all know that Al Hajj is a mandatory responsibility.
      Incumbent among men by Allah is the pilgrimage to the House of Allah for those who are able to do so (Surah Ahl Imran verse 97)
      With reliance on Allah- what we want to move forward with is the essence of this Hajj because it has decayed into what it is today. The Hajj was not meant to be a perel of people every year meaninglessly going and coming back from this Hajj. Towards the end, Allah says
      Allah has designated or rendered Al Ka'bah, Al Bayt Al Haram, the inviolable house “qiyaaman lil naas” (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)
      Allah’s word Qiyaaman lil naas- here is where our human condition fails to capture this description of Allah as He defines this sanctuary in Makkah i.e. Qiyaaman lil naas. The stagnant mind or the static understanding today by the average or the officially guided Muslims is that Makkah is a place in which Muslims rise in fulfillment of their ritualistic duties in which people don’t even think about what it means when it says “people stand up in these five or seven or several stations or positions that they go to in an around Makkah. We in our humble and meek understanding of this ayah respond to this sinking traditional interpretation of the word Qiyaaman lil naas (and) say that the word Qiyaaman lil naas means a motivation for people. One of the meanings of Qiyaaman lil naas is that
      Allah has rendered Makkah and the holy sanctuary to be motivation for people (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)
      When Allah says to His Prophet, in one of the 1st ayaat to be revealed- the word qum in the ayah is related to the word qiyaaman in this ayah that pertains to the Hajj; which means
      Oh you who are enwrapped or engulfed in your condition or your status quo…(Surah Al-Mudathir verse 1)
      this is an address to Allah’s Prophet from Allah
      …be motivated (Surah Al-Mudathir verse 2)
      Allah has rendered Makkah and the holy sanctuary to be motivation for people (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)
      He didn’t say Qiyaaman lil Mu’mineen; He didn’t say Qiyaaman lil Aaqifeen; He didn’t say qiyaaman lil Zaaireen; He didn’t say qiyaaman lil hujaaj or lil hajeej which means that the aspects of Makkah and Al Bayt Al Haram should be a motivation for people- whoever these people are. The meanings of Makkah and Al Bayt Al Haram should have an impact on peoples of the world.
      Another meaning of Qiyaaman is an upliftment for people. The affects of going to Makkah and honoring the meanings of the Hajj should have the far reaching affects of uplifting the condition of people- whether these people are Muslims or non-Muslims. This is the designation of what it means to perform this yearly duty (and) to have the results of meeting in Makkah, a brotherhood and a common understanding in Makkah, bringing back the original contents of At-tawaf. What does it mean to go around the Ka’bah in the fashion that we do? What does it mean to jog between As-Safa and Al-Marwa? What does it mean to be at Arafat? What does it mean to sacrifice the animals that are sacrificed? What does it mean to drink from the water of Zam-Zam? All of these meanings- because of the official control and clamp down on these original meanings- have no effect. Forget about the rest of the world, they have no affect in Makkah on the people who are performing these actions and going through these motions- they have no meanings among them themselves.
      Let us re-place this ayah in the climate and environment of Allah’s Prophet… When Allah’s Prophet performed the one or two pilgrimages that he performed, he did so while living a struggle. Because of that struggle, (a real struggle, we’re talking about life and death; people living and dying because of what it means to be a Muslim and a Mu’min), Allah’s Prophet was forced to sign what is called today “political or military agreements” with the Mushrikeen. These are the most hostile human elements against committed Muslims and Allah’s Prophet had to reach an arrangement and an agreement with them. This arrangement and agreement carried on for months and years, but it wasn’t an arrangement and an agreement that was done while the Prophet was idol- sitting back and not doing anything. Why would there be any necessity or justification to have any relationships with Mushriks when you’re not doing anything?! The Muslims of Al Medinah were threatened; at times, that they were living at a survival level; at times, they had to go on military forays- the consequences of which were unknown to them.
      They were shaken to their core, (meaning the committed Muslims), to an extent that the Prophet and those who are committed with him asked “but when is Allah’s triumph”(Surah Al-Baqarah verse 214)
      They were living in a condition that they felt under siege. In these types of conditions the Prophet had to take on one enemy by neutralizing another enemy- this is a Sunnah that should come alive in the behavior and planning of those who are committed to Allah. If you can’t think about encountering your enemy in a theoretical clean way- Allah’s Prophet did it in the best possible way when he encountered his enemy knew how to classify those who were most hostile to him as opposed to those who were less hostile to him and therefore he had to enter into treaties or mu’aahadaat with these enemies of Allah. When the time came to abrogate these treaties, how did he do that? Did he say let us end these treaties bilaterally or was he instructed to do so on a certain occasion within a certain milieu? Allah instructs him to do so in the Hajj itself. Remember, in today’s foggy mind, this is one of the most controversial issues to say the Muslims “bring your political and multilateral arrangements to Makkah.” They will come and say “what are you doing? You are bringing matters of controversy to split and divide the Muslims!” And they throw in our face words from the Qur’an words that are equally misinterpreted and misunderstood. Any Muslim who tries to take the relationships of the Muslims with the Mushriks and to decide or deliberate on it in the Hajj in Makkah and Al Bayt Al Haram, he is told automatically fa laa rafatha wa laa fusuqa wa laa jidaala fil hajj. OK- we tell them “Yes, this is an ayah from the Qur’an and we agree to this ayah word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence, but what is rafath?” The word rafath in the Qur’an refers to the intimate relationship between husband and wife- what does this have to do with it? No-one is bringing an intimate relationship (in other words, to break it down to the language of today), there shouldn’t be any hanky-panky stuff going on in the Hajj; that’s the meaning of rafath. Well- this is not hanky-panky stuff- that’s number 1. OK- there’s no fusuq in the Hajj. The fusuq in the Qur’an is fusuq an amrillah i.e. to disintegrate from Allah’s order (i.e. if) you can’t bind into it, you disintegrate from it. No one is bringing an issue of disintegrating from Allah into Makkah; they may be bringing issues of disintegrating from the Mushrikeen to Makkah but not from Allah. Now, we come to the most debatable word wa laa jidaala, and there shouldn’t be any argumentation in Al Hajj. Well- whose arguing?! What would make an issue of Al Bara’ from Al Mushrikeen, the disavowal and breaking of power relationships with the Mushrikeen a matter of jidaal in the Hajj?
      Allah has rendered Makkah and the holy sanctuary to be motivation for people (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)
      This is how we should honor Al Ka’bah and Al Bayt Al Haram as a matter of motivation for people; meaning the committed Muslims start this motivation in Makkah and it is felt by other people around the world; the committed Muslims begin a movement of upliftment in Al Bayt Al Haram in Al Balad Al Ameen in Makkah and then it is felt by other peoples in the world.
      Allah describes and defines Makkah as a place of security and safety. He says
      By this city…Indeed, We have created man in toil (Surah Al-Balad verse 1-4)
      In another ayah, in reference to this same geographical place in the world
      Makkah as a place of security and safety (Surah At-Tin verse 3)
      Why has Al Balad Al Ameen in the context of We have created man in toil while referring to Makkah Al Bayt Al Haram, (and) Al Ka’bah… if we place a parallel between what is said in the Holy Writ and what is done in the polluted world we find that if there is stability in the world it’s everywhere and anywhere except where Allah says there shall be stability, security and safety. Why? If Christians want to go to Rome, Canterbury or even to Istanbul- whether they are Catholics, Protestants or Orthodox Christians- no one tells them “where are you going? Or there’s a quota on your numbers! Or you have to meet certain types of conditions to go there!” They go there freely. Has anybody ever heard of a person belonging to the jewish faith encountering any official problems in going to Jerusalem? It’s not heard of! Has anyone heard of a Christian who wants to go to Rome or Canterbury or Istanbul and have encountered problems from governments? Why is it that when we Muslims want to go to the Hajj or Umrah we begin to have all of these problems?! Problems of time limitations, immunizations, financial restrictions, age requirements and other problems that are piled on other problems that at the end discourage us from going to a place that is supposed to be safe, secure and stable for our presence there.
      Allah has rendered Makkah and the holy sanctuary to be motivation for people (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)
      Just like you have the United Nations and resolutions that are signed there and other people across the globe feel its affects, that has an echo in the world for bad, ill or for good; but you come to Makkah and Muslims go there, what type of impact or movement is generated from Makkah? Last year, some Muslim scholars went and set with each other- Sunnis and Shi’is sat with each other to agree that it is haram for a Muslim to shed the blood of another Muslim, be he a Sunni or Shi’i- did anyone feel the effects of that? It was like it was done in a closed room with the high pitch of someone who is whispering in someone else’s ear, (if that). Makkah, Al Ka’bah, Al Bayt Al Haram have been shattered, stifled, occupied and nationalized and we have some Muslims who feel that they have fulfilled their duty by going to Makkah and Al Medinah and coming back. Some of our poor simple Muslim brothers even feel that they are honored to gain the title of “Haaj” upon returning from Makkah to North America or some other places in the world far from it. Nothing has been done or been accomplished by the way this Hajj has been run, controlled and smothered- nothing!!! We don’t live up to the meanings of
      Allah has rendered Makkah and the holy sanctuary to be motivation for people (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)
      When Allah’s Prophet wanted to annul his relationship with the Mushriks he was instructed by Allah to do so in Makkah- of all places; during the Hajj- of all times.
      We dis-avow- this disavowal comes from Allah and His Apostle to those you’ve signed a reliance agreement with. (Surah Taubah verse 1)
      There was no one there to say or try to stop the Prophet by quoting some ayaat from the Qur’an fa laa rafatha wa laa fusuqa wa laa jidaala fil hajj because they couldn’t get away with it. Now- (this is how crucial it is for Muslims to have power; when we don’t have power the meanings of the words of the Qur’an are no longer themselves. Qiyaman is no longer qiyama; it doesn’t mean what it supposed to mean; rafath, fusuq and jidaal no longer have their meanings; they have been stolen by secular-Godless-hostile types and given their slant of the meaning; they fit their own meaning because they are in positions of power onto the words of the Qur’an and then market that meaning among you and me of all places through the Masaajid.)
      Brothers and sisters; committed Muslims…
      You are either influenced and moved by Allah, His Prophet and what they say to you or you fall victim and prey to what Shayaateen Al Ins wa Al Jinn have to say to you. This Mimbar on Friday has to be a Mimbar of Muslim conscience that speaks the truth regardless of the consequences. In other areas and details of life, there may be matters of calculation), but from the Mimbar of Rasulillah, on this day and time, the Muslim conscience should speak itself and say the truth to power. In the recent past, “38 religious scholars” in that nationalistically designated area called Saudi Arabia signed like something like a fatwa that calls upon Sunni Muslims to come to the aid of Sunni Muslims in Iraq to kill what they perceive to be their common enemy i.e. the Shi’i Muslims. The rationale in their internal thoughts is that the Shi’is in Iraq are taking over and therefore this is a battle of destiny and the Muslims should be whipped up into a sectarian frenzy to kill themselves. Then, from the other side we have voices from the Shi’i Iraqi community that are responding by saying that instead of agreeing on this type of edict or fatwa there should be a pan-Islamic agreement on fighting the Zionist occupiers in Palestine. The Zionist occupiers are in Iraq and the Zionist occupiers are in Saudi Arabia. Do you listen to that- Muslims!!! When Allah’s Prophet- if you honor Allah’s Prophet- was dealing with those who harbor the most intense hostility towards committed Muslims, (in the words of Allah in His Holy Writ), we ask you to collect your geographical and historical information- when Allah’s Prophet was setting this iman into motion 1,400 years ago, where were Al Yahud and Mushrikeen concentrated- in Makkah or Al Medinah? They were neither concentrated in Makkah nor Al Medinah. The Mushriks were, in their concentration, way outside of Arabia; Al Yahud, in their concentration, where they had significant members, influence, power and clout- where were they? Were they in Arabia? No. The Prophet of Allah didn’t say let’s go and take on Ashad An Naas liladheena Aamanu Al Yahud wa Alladheena Ashraku where they are concentrated. He was dealing with his own problem in his own vicinity, home and country. So you, (right now), who are singing this sectarian line- whether you are in Saudi Arabia or Iraq; whether you are Sunnis or Shi’is, (it doesn’t matter), you have lost sight of your Prophet- deal with your problem where you are. The American-Zionists occupation is equally present in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah and Al Medinah as it is in Baghdad, Al Basra, An Najaf and Karbala- that’s where your immediate enemy is. Don’t get side tracked into this scheme that wants to divide us and (more than that) wants to kill us. (We have to say this, once again, when we use the word Sunni and Shi’i we use it in its general par lands and not as it was originally meant to be defined)- when you- Shi’is in Iraq- say you want the government of Saudi Arabia to come down on these Wahabi fanatics because they are stirring religious animosity amongst the Muslims, who are you asking? You are asking the puppet government that is instrumental in bringing about the occupation of your country and solidifying the occupation of the Zionists in Palestine.
      This Saudi government is beginning to show its internal unraveling so their ambassador here, in Washington, resigns- we are told. He leaves and doesn’t want to be ambassador here anymore. His brother, the Saudi Foreign Minister, who is being treated for Parkinson’s disease in California…why? What’s wrong? With all the money you have, ($3 trillion by some counts in this country), we, Muslims, can’t have our own cash, finances, treasury and budgets in Makkah and Al Medinah? What happened to you Muslims? Giving your wealth and endorsing the process through the Masajid and now there’s an internal power struggle in a ruling family- a family that said “it is haram for the Prophet’s family to rule”, but it is halal for their own family to rule Makkah and Al Medinah!!! Haramun on the Prophet; halaalun ala annufisihim!!! The son of the king is vying for this position to become ambassador here and the half brother of the previous ambassador is competing for the same position. Makkah and Al Medinah remain outside of Islamic control- we have no access to Makkah and Al Medinah as is supposed to be and it seems like people are comfortable with that. They want to go to Hajj and come back. Why can’t Muslims take their brotherhood to Makkah and Al Medinah? The Muslims from Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir and other parts can’t come to Makkah and Al Medinah and join hands with each other and say
      and this is your Ummah, being one Ummah (Surah Al-Anbiya’ verse 92)
      That’s not possible?! Why can’t we do that? Who is standing in our way? These people who have all of these resources and money! An investigation in Britain has been going on for months and years concerning bribery and kick-backs in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars that are taken by these princes who have occupied Makkah and Al Medinah and then the government in Riyadh and Jeddah says “we are going to break relations with Britain if it continues to investigate this bribery and these kick-backs.” They want to sell a fighter jet that sells for around $17million to the Saudis for around $20-30million and the difference in the price is to be gained by those who now are the administrators and hegemons in Makkah and Al Medinah. These are the people through whom we go when we want to go to Hajj. Who says we need the stamp of approval to go to the Prophet of Allah, the House of Allah, Qiblatul Muslimeen, Al Ka’bah Al Bayt Al Haraam and Al Maqaam Al Ibrahim?! We need the approval of these lackeys of Yahud and Al Mushrikeen?! Where did this come from? Isn’t this a bid’ah? Why don’t they speak about this bid’ah from their Mimbar? This is the biggest bid’ah in history and we should remain silent about it! The bid’ah that should bring us to kill ourselves is if a Muslim says after mentioning the Prophet’s name sallalahu alaihi wa sallam and another Muslim says sallalahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa sallam. These two statements are supposed to be incongruent with each other and we are supposed to kill ourselves because of that! A Muslim performs wudhu and washes his feet (while) another Muslim performs wudhu and wipes his feet- this is a matter of civil war among the Muslims, but they steal the Islamic wealth and resources and plunge the Ummah into poverty and nothing is wrong with that! No-one should even think about that! Let us go to Hajj and Umrah, if we can go there, to fulfill Allah’s words
      Allah has rendered Makkah and the holy sanctuary to be motivation for people (Surah Al-Maa’idah verse 100)

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