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  • Call Thetruth
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/THE_STREET_MIMBAR/join The Street Mimbar aims to supplement the general Khutbahs until there is an unbiased, non-sectarian,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2007
      The Street Mimbar aims to supplement the general Khutbahs until there is an unbiased, non-sectarian, balanced approach adopted by the mimbars. Although this Ummah is a literate one, it is ironically a majority non-reading one, since the first command from Allah was "Read". So when it comes to Islamic Education, this Ummah is totally dependant on the sometimes-questionable education of some Scholars. This is also pathetic since the Prophet (SAW) said "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave". Criticism and suggestions are invited from all as to whether such Khutbahs are needed or not. In the words of one of the Successors to Allahs Prophet, Sayyidina Abu-Bakr As-Sididique (RA), "If I'm correct support me, if I mistake, council me. To speak the truth to a leader is allegiance, to conceal the mistakes of a leader is treason." We will mature when we realise that we have dhalims who cloak themselves in Islam, and whether we are Sunni or Shi'i, (we hate using these labels, but have to make a point here) it is incumbent on us even if we are Shi'is to expose a Shi'i dhalim and even if we are sunnis to expose a Sunni dhalim.

      Many of the khutbahs are broadly worded, but it is of utmost importance that you realise that state criticism and catergorisation should not be extended to include individuals who have nothing to do with their governments, until such time as they become supporting constituents of their governments..

      Lastly, in trying to satisfy Allah and create a better tomorrow, we sometimes find ourselves in an Islamic opposition to Islamic governance. To some people, this may sound odd- how can you have Islamic opposition to Islamic governance?! Simply put, Islamic governance is not perfect because it is run by individuals who are capable of erring and therefore Islamic opposition is the identification of these mistakes and the attempt at correcting them. We are going to have to mature enough to understand that we can have legitimate well founded and established Islamic and political opposition to a legitimate Islamic government.

      NO COPYRIGHT... Any of the articles on this web page can be reprinted as long as the information is not changed. Names of authors and sources must be kept intact as well. Please list the web page as a source. May Allah reward you for your honesty.

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