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MNG: Kathi Goerzten's recovery again

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  • Anne McGinnis Breen
    My Dear Meningimates, I just saw the recent news about our dear meningimate Kathi Goerzten, she is slowly regaining her balance and walking with help You
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2011
      My Dear Meningimates,
      I just saw the recent news about our dear meningimate Kathi Goerzten, she is slowly regaining her balance and walking with help

      You probably all know by now how reluctant I have been since 1992 about having brain radiation for my residual benign tumor. low grade 2 meningioma. I know many of you have taken the advice of your own skilled physican to have one of several new brand name types of brain radiation and I just have to trust you all realize that I am not trying to scare you while telling my own personal story. I feel obligated to tell you my own truth, I am not trying to be right all the time, i just want to share my m experience and observations.

      Please believe me, I don't want to frighten or scare anyone, but the real terrorist cells we ought to be fighting are abnormal cells we can accumulate year after year as we age causing DNA genetic mutations we can also possibly inherit from our parents generation of cumulative lifetime radiation exposure in their live time that is damage hiding in our own bodies. Almost half of Americans alive today will die from some type of cancer or serious complications from hospital treatment errors. Foreign political terrorists and hidden sleeper cells have nothing to do with our real life American death risks, and we have probably done it to ourselves. Cancer rates are higher in highly industrialized nations

      Kathi Goerztens documented personal story below is proof that surgery and/or radiation might be only a temporary fix even for a single small benign golf ball sized meningioma brain tumor. Some doctors and some public media interests continue to dismiss these possibly benign brain tumors as incidental MRI findings, especially in middle aged women, like a mole, a cyst or a headache, now they are even called incidentalomas and will not be listed as cause of death unless an autopsy is performed.

      I spent hours on the first cordless home phone in the 70's, old analog cordless phones, the current published reports about cell phone risk do not include those thirty year old instruments that I poured my heart out into when my husband took me all the way across the country for his new job in Arizona. I also had multiple dental x rays from several different dentists and oral surgeons at the same time forty-five years ago before I was twenty because of wisdom teeth removal and fixing my two front teeth I broke in a fall, So I believe I might be one of the ones who would not have a good reaction to more brain radiation exposure, some doctors do not think it works well on most meningiomas anyway.

      I am hoping people will finally become more aware of the gradual progression risks and increasing health care costs involved with using either or both standard invasive brain treatment options currently available for our so called "harmless" condition which many believe is not cancer although at least 4 to 10% are malignant or can become malignant and one shot, one day GK brain radiation is now a cheap standard follow up treatment for residual tumor or recurrence instead of the more traditional and more expensive "second look" surgery for a recurrent benign tumor. I was first diagnosed with benign meningioma at her age 39 in 1986 and now I am 63, but I have politely refused brain radiation therapy since it was first offered in 1992 six years after a "first complete" tumor removal and six years of clean MRI scans.

      This dear lady Kathi Goertzen is in my thoughts and prayers again today recovering again after many of both treatments. She is a real trooper, It concerns me that current new reports do not include the fact that she has had three types of brain radiation in addition to multiple surgeries..

      Kathi Goertzen, one of the most recognizable broadcasters in Seattle, would so much rather be story teller than story subject. But here she is, after yet another brain surgery, three types of brain radiation and several experimental drugs with over 60,000 hits to her Facebook page.
      The diagnosis that she had a tumor near the base of her brain first arrived in 1998 when her face became numb and she lost hearing in her right ear. Surgery and GK radiation treatment followed and then, happily, her hearing returned. But there were always chances that the tumor, a golf-ball size meningioma, would regrow.
      And it did.
      A second surgery and more radiation ensued in 2005 to beat her benign tumor, which was never fully removed because it was intertwined with nerves affecting speech and swallowing. Her voice would sometimes shake a little. On occasion she'd have trouble swallowing or catching her breath. But there were indeed periods of time when Goertzen wouldn't even think about the tumor at all.
      "I usually think about it a week before I go in for an MRI and I wonder, 'Oh, has it regrown?' But the rest of the time ... . I've been dealing with this for 10 years and you know, you've got to live your life."

      She just had another major surgery Feb 2011 for recurrence of multiple meningiomas which damaged her facial muscles making it harder than ever to smile and she had to go back to the hospital a week later because of a brain infection, she recently fell while being pulled by her dog and seriously hurt her shoulder too. She is one brave classy lady and my heart goes out to her as she continues to walk the talk and bravely share her personal journey of repeated standard treatment with surgery, radiation and some new drugs. i wonder if they ever offered her mifepristone?.
      I believe we can hang on to our faith and our own wisdom, whenever we plan to "Let go and Let GOD". We know our own body better than anyone else. Please just remember doctors are not GODs. So always get a second independent board qualified medical opinion before you let any doctor operate or radiate on your brain or your loved one's brain. It contains the essence of who you are and they can make mistakes just like I do...and keep on keepin on. KOKO

      Now I am a twenty five year survivor of a recurrent benign meningioma taking a personalized drug therapy in an approved investigational study of a safe FDA anti-hormone progesterone receptor modulating compound called MIFEPREX(mifepristone) to stall any further residual benign meningioma regrowth that most cancer doctors still are not allowed to prescribe or even consider as a reasonable alternative choice for benign meningioma patients yet. I really wish all m patients with small asymptomatic tumors could try this drug therapy before they have to have major brain surgery or any brain radiation.
      My medical reports and the history of my current drug therapy and 28 questions to ask your medical team about any low grade brain tumor and some other serious grey matters can be found at


      GBYAY means Good bye and God Bless You And Yours, from Anne McGinnis Breen

      GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen
      See my ponytail bouncing and my smiley face winking at you? &;>)

      Please scroll all the way down to my first two blog entries for my list of 28 questions to ask your medical team about brain tumor treatments originally composed in 1997 plus my personal meningioma alternative drug therapy RU486 Mifepristone and my new blog comments about the obsolete 1990s EPA radiation risk calculations for women and children are found at http://gbyay.blogspot.com
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      Keep you faith, cherish your reason, treasure your mind and hold to your own good purpose...be not afraid!

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