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RE: [BrainSurgery@Yahoo] Pseudomeningeocel

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  • Trisha W
    Lisa, The correct spelling is pseudomeningocele . Pseudo, in latin, means false (artificial, fake, etc.) So a pseudomeningocele would be something which
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2008

      The correct spelling is 'pseudomeningocele'. Pseudo, in latin, means
      "false" (artificial, fake, etc.) So a pseudomeningocele would be something
      which appeared to be a meningocele but really wasn't.

      A meningocele is a condition in which the meninges or skin which surrounds
      the brain and spinal cord develops is herniated or ballooned out. There are
      subtle to severe forms of this. On your MRI, could you send the exact
      terminology used? It should state where this finding is located - could be
      anywhere around the brain or spinal cord. If you could just type the exact
      words used in the MRI report, I will try to find more information for you.
      This could just be an abnormal finding which is 'normal' (there we go again
      with that word, 'normal') for someone who has had your type of surgery.

      Let me know and I will do some research and make some inquiries for you.




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      I have a question - has anyone been diagnosed with the subject line
      item? I have had posterior fossa surgery and this has been found in my
      MRI recently. WOuld be interested in hearing about your experience.
      Thanks Lisa
      I think I spelled it wrong!!

      Oligoastrocytoma resection - 5/06
      VP shunt implant - 9/06

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