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  • anne91547@aol.com
    Thanks for writing in to our brain surgery group, you two must feel so alone after his medical hospital treatments are done, these lists can become a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Thanks for writing in to our brain surgery group, you two must feel so
      alone after his medical hospital treatments are done, these lists can become a
      support system, if others respond who know what you are going through, I have
      had two brain surgeries for my recurrent brain tumor, now I am in a clinical

      I wish I knew something medically correct to tell you hon, but I don't know
      any more than you, that he needs to get off the steriods eventually,
      although it might be a while after his gamma knife treatment because it might cause
      some temporary brain swelling and temporary new symptoms that he needs the
      steriods to fight right now. maybe these free teleconferences might help you
      and your hubby share some of the current questions you have about aftereffects
      of his previous treatments with others.

      , I think just knowing others are around who do know what it is like, and
      who have survived, makes it seem more managable and possible to survive and get
      past this stage somehow. the steroids usually cause weight gain and the
      moon face, I know I took them ofr six months, it was a real daily battle to get
      rid of that excess weight, to eat right and start a baby steps like daily
      walking program to get me moving again. In the 70's there were 3 million cancer
      survivors, now because of newer treatments like your hubby has had there are
      10 million cancer survivors many of whom have additional unmet needs for
      physical exercise, social stimulation and contact with other cancer survivors
      who know how hard it really is for you both right now..

      Hon at the LIVESTRONG website below you may also surf around and find some
      other NCI cancer survivorship listservers online and phone support and clinical
      trial programs more specific to his original lung cancer type for his
      future medical treatment planning. .

      e Telephone Education Surveys
      CancerCare presents the Fifth Annual Cancer Survivorship Series: Living
      With, Through and Beyond Cancer, a _FREE three-part telephone education workshop
      series_ (http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M724031198682351741335965) for
      cancer survivors, their families, friends and healthcare professionals to provide
      practical information to help them cope with concerns and issues that arise
      after treatment ends.
      This free series is made possible by support from the National Cancer
      Institute: Office of Cancer Survivorship, Office of Education and Special
      Initiatives and Cancer Information Service, and the LAF. _Pre-registration is
      required._ (http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M724031328682351741335965)

      Keep your faith, cherish your reason, treasure your mind and hold to your
      own good purpose
      I have added some new articles if you'd like to read more
      Please scroll down the left side column by scrolling on the right side and
      look for my musings on meningioma and other GREY MATTERS of interest to me
      about a badly maligned alternative drug therapy for meningioma brain tumors, my
      views about using doomed surplus frozen embryonic lab specimens to advance
      medical science, etc
      GBYAY Anne McGinnis Breen
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